Clarification bulletin – CAFRD Chapter 11, Section 2 Unaccompanied Moves

Dated 21 January 2022


The current policy articles contained in CAFRD Chapter 11, Section 2 (Unaccompanied Moves) do not sufficiently describe the precise entitlements of a member when they are posted after a period of imposed restriction back to the location of their Dependants Household Goods and Effects (HG&E). Consequently, a clarification of entitlements is deemed necessary until a new CAFRD policy article can be approved and published in a future modification to the CAFRD.


In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – DCBA), the following clarification is provided for CAFRD Chapter 11, Section 2 (Unaccompanied Moves):

A member who is currently posted to a location to which the move of their (D)HG&E continues to be prohibited or restricted, and is subsequently posted to the location where their (D)HG&E is located, is entitled and limited to the following all-inclusive benefits in relation to their return posting:

  1. the BAE portion of the posting allowance under CAFRD 3.4.03;
  2. where quarters were not available at public expense, any rent or lease liability under CAFRD 7.03, commencing the day the member vacates the rented residence;
  3. TNL expenses under CAFRD Chapter 6 for the member;
  4. the shipment of one PMV or motorcycle under CAFRD 9.3.02 when the member does not drive a PMV for their TNL above; and
  5. the shipment of UAB under CAFRD 3.4.06.

In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – DCBA), this clarification bulletin is policy direction that conveys the intent of the specific CAFRD provision as confirmed by the Treasury Board Secretariat. A new policy article which clearly articulates the aforementioned entitlements will be added to CAFRD Chapter 11, Section 2 will follow in due course.

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