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The Defence Team set up a governance structure as advised by the Department for Women and Gender Equality and has tailored support for the use of Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) in order to respond to the specific needs of the Department of National Defence (DND)/Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The Joint DND/CAF Responsibility Centre (JRC) has been fully stood up with a team of Gender Equality and Diversity Specialists and Gender Advisors to provide oversight and to support the integration of GBA+ into systems and processes in all Defence Activities.

The Defence Team established an intradepartmental network of GBA+ Focal Points that received tailored training on the application of GBA+ in a defence and security context in institutional work and operational planning. DND Senior GBA+ Focal Points have been appointed to support the integration of GBA+ within each departmental organization.

The Champions network includes: 3 leaders for Gender and Diversity for Operations, 1 Leader for Women, Peace and Security and 2 Leaders for GBA+.  The Champions within their line of effort increased awareness and support for GBA+. Champions also engaged with external stakeholders, from academia to international partners, to share knowledge and best practices in advancing gender equality and inclusion within the armed forces.

Human resources 

The JRC added new members to its team to a total of 14 Full Time Equivalent (FTEs), including 3 FTEs dedicated to the implementation of GBA+ and the Women, Peace and Security agenda in the CAF. The Department of National Defence added 4 Gender Equality and Diversity Specialists to the JRC to support GBA+ Focal Points and improve the quality of GBA+ across the Defence Team.

There are 4 full-time military Gender Advisors positioned institutionally within the CAF at the strategic and operational levels. There were 5 Gender Advisors deployed to the following operations:

  • NMI (NATO Mission to Iraq)

A Gender Advisor is a full-time position, usually a military position, and a Gender Focal Point is a part-time position; these exist to support Commanders in the application of GBA+ and gender perspectives in both the institutional and operational realms. Gender Focal Points (GFP) are positioned throughout CAF. In-theatre, there is a minimum of one GFP on all named missions.

Major Initiatives: results achieved Additional tailored training has been developed and delivered to address organizational gaps. The Defence Team delivered 4 institutional 2-day training sessions for GFPs on GBA+ with a total of 70 participants and 1 operational 2-day training session for GFPs on GBA+ in CAF operational planning. The Directorate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion developed and delivered 5 half day Orientation sessions for GFPs as well as 14 specialized GBA+ training for DND groups (upon request) and 2 one-on-one GBA+ Clinic pilots.

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