Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada was first published in 2003 as a cornerstone document within the Canadian Forces professional development system. I am pleased to promulgate this second edition of the manual; an edition that reflects the organizational changes that have occurred in the Canadian Forces (CF) as a result of the initiation of CF Transformation in 2005.

The profession of arms in Canada is an honourable one. There is no doubt however that we, as military professionals, must cope with extreme demands, frequent hardships, and ever-present danger at sea, on land, and in the air. At the same time, we are richly rewarded with a unique sense of accomplishment that rises from honourably meeting the expectations of Canadians and our security partners.

As military professionals, we serve in different environments, wear different ranks, and are developed in a wide variety of different occupations. But, as this manual makes clear, a greater Canadian Forces ethos binds us together and points to our higher loyalty to Canada and the rule of law. Service to Canada is, and always shall be, our primary duty. Duty with Honour will help us to perform this duty to the highest standards of military professionalism.

Duty with Honour remains a defining document for Canada’s profession of arms and must be read and understood by all who wear the uniform.

I am proud to lead Canada’s profession of arms. The Canadian Forces will continue to exhibit the highest standards of military professionalism at home and abroad. The Canadian people deserve and expect no less.

Walter Natynczyk
Chief of the Defence Staff

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