About the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group

In coordination with our valued partners, Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group’s (CAF TG) mission is to deliver personalized, professional, and standardized services and programs to CAF members and their families to enable seamless transition to post-military life, with special attention provided to ill and injured personnel, their families, and the families of the deceased. CAF TG is a Level 2 CAF formation established under the authority of the CDS and the Minister of National Defence (MND) reporting directly to Commander Military Personnel Command (CMPC) and responsible for the care of all personnel posted to, or part of, the formation as well as the effective and efficient provision of transition and release services, transition training and education, and related policies.

CAF TG headquarters (HQ) is in Ottawa, with nine regional Transition Units (TU) and 27 Transition Centres (TC) located across the country. TCs are integrated, one-stop centres where releasing CAF members and their families are provided transition, release, and VAC services, and casualty support is provided for the ill and injured members and their families. These TCs, staffed by members from CAF/DND, VAC and our numerous partners offer professional, personalized, and standardized transition services to all CAF members, Veterans, and their families to inform, prepare, and empower them as they navigate toward life after service.

CAF TG has a mandate to support all members with professional transition services as they complete their Military to Civilian Transition (MCT). To this end, CAF TG works closely with numerous partners, including VAC, and Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), to provide training and education that informs CAF members and their families of benefits and programs to enhance retention, and to understand the transition programs and services that exist as they come to the end of their military careers. At the appropriate time, this support will facilitate retention and enable successful transition, while offering members and their families the opportunities needed to maximize their potential.

The Military to Civilian Transition (MCT) process is characterized by using a personalized, professional, standardized, and humanistic approach in supporting members and families to prepare for and plan the transition to civilian life. A key dimension of this new approach is to ensure wellness along the seven domains of well-being: Purpose, Finances, Health, Social Integration, Life Skills, Housing and Physical Environment, and Cultural and Social Environment. The MCT process will assist members in exploring options for how to remain in the CAF.

The same MCT process for Regular Force will be used for the Reserve Force. Transition and release services will be extended to the Reserve Force, starting with a soft launch to Army Primary Reserve (PRes) units in 4 Division. Following a review of lessons learned, these services will be extended to other PRes units and other elements of the Reserve Force, including COATS and Rangers.

In addition to the MCT Process and renewed release services, CAF TG has also developed and implemented several digital tools to support transitioning members and their families that are available at the Digital Transition Center (DTC) that can be accessed via the internet at Canada.ca-Military Career Transition. These include:

The My Transition Guide is a first step towards providing transitioning membersFootnote 1  and their chains of command with comprehensive guidance regarding transition. In addition, this document will also provide you with transition-specific information and checklists for each domain of well-being, along with templates and links to assist you and your family in the transition from military to civilian life.

For additional information, please visit the Military Transition page.

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