Transfer for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • As one of the largest landowners and users of energy in Canada, National Defence is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment.
  • We are making real progress. To date, National Defence has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 32% compared with 2005 levels.
  • We achieved this, in part, by making investments in green infrastructure and new technology.
  • For example, in these Estimates the Treasury Board Secretariat is transferring $2.33 million to National Defence as part of the Greening Government Fund.
  • This money will help fund initiatives that reduce National Defence’s greenhouse gas emissions, including:
    • Designing net zero residential buildings;
    • Exploring innovative approaches to organic waste management; and
    • Switching heating plant boilers from diesel to electric energy.
  • National Defence will continue to play its part in our collective effort to fight climate change.

Key Facts

  • Total funding breakdown:
    • Army Organics Project: $100,000
    • NetZero Residential Design for Canadian Forces Housing: $550,000
    • Optimized Base Design Project: $200,000
    • Navy SPEED: $630,000
    • Goose Bay NetZero Central Heating Plant: $850,000


Army Organics Project

  • This project studies sustainable management of organic residues at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier and satellite sites. The aim is to develop a low greenhouse gas circular approach for the management of organic waste.  

Netzero Residential Design for Canadian Forces Housing

  • This project is designing net zero residential buildings for the Canadian Forces Housing Agency. Currently, National Defence is considering new technologies, design elements, processes and equipment that could become standard in NetZero buildings.

Optimized Base Design Project

  • This initiative will produce a military base template that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Navy Speed

  • This project is working at identifying ways to increase efficiency and enable decision-making on naval platforms.

Goose Bay Netzero Central Heating Plant

  • The Goose Bay Central Heating Plant represents 4% of National Defence’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The NetZero Central Heating Plant project proposes reducing emissions by switching from diesel to electric boilers.

Version 5; 2020-02-24 – Source: Director Budget draft tab; D Parl A QP note, “Greening Defence.”

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