Transfer to Refurbish and Upgrade C90A King Air

  • National Defence works closely with Transport Canada to support flying proficiency activities for test pilots and flight test engineers.
  • One of Transport Canada’s small commercial airplanes, the C90A King Air, was recently in storage at the Ottawa International Airport.
  • Through these Estimates, National Defence is transferring over $880,000 to Transport Canada to complete the refurbishment of this aircraft.
  • The funds will be used to inspect the C90A King Air, upgrade the cockpit with new avionics, repair minor corrosion, and repair two turbo engines.

Key Facts

  • The refurbishment and upgrade of the C90A King Air aircraft is managed entirely by Transport Canada.
  • Use of the C90A King Air is expected to begin in July 2020.


  • In 2019, National Defence signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Transport Canada to support proficiency flying training activities.
  • The MOU outlines the provision of aircraft services, simulators, and maintenance services to the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, including:
  • refurbishing and upgrading a Transport Canada C90A King Air aircraft;
  • support proficiency flying of National Defence’s Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment personnel utilizing Transport Canada’s aircraft and simulators;
  • servicing and supporting maintenance of National Defence’s Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment proficiency flying aircraft; and
  • gaining efficiencies and working collaboratively with whole-of-Government partners.

Version 5; 2020-02-26 – Source: ADM(Fin) Note on retrofit of King Air Aircraft C90A

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