60 Seconds With Lt(N) Keil Kodama, on Op UNIFIED RECRUITER

Video / September 07th 2023


Lt(N) Kodama: A modern dance?

I was told to keep my feet right here, so I can't do that! Right on.

What's up everyone. This is Lieutenant Kodama, and I'm here to do the 60 Seconds Challenge. Let's get into it.

"What is Operation UNIFIED RECRUITER?"

It is getting every CAF member involved to help out with our recruiting efforts.

"What is the biggest lesson you've learned throughout your career?"

Don't be afraid to speak up. I think that everyone appreciates somebody who's motivated to help do the job, because we all work as a team here in the CAF.

"Saturday nights or Sunday mornings?"

Definitely Saturday nights. It's always fun to blow some steam off with friends and family.

"What would you tell other CAF members thinking about participating in Op UNIFIER RECRUITER?"

I would say think back to your experience as a recruit. I know that when I was younger, and thinking about joining, I really appreciated having CAF members to walk me through the process. So, it's all on us to do our part.

"What's the best place you've traveled as a CAF member?"

I have been to South Korea, and the demilitarized zone. I'm actually going to go back there in two weeks.

"When and why did you join the CAF?"

I've got four years in, and I joined because there is no other organization in Canada that has this type of training environment. We get to do so many cool things, and we get to work as a team, and go through some of the world's most complex problems. And we get to serve Canada and be proud while we do it.

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