Tips for Defence Team members to stay vigilant while working remotely

February 2, 2021 – Defence Stories

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As a Defence Team member, you may have important security questions that have been raised since the start of working remotely.

Watch the animated video below created by the Security Awareness Training and Education team at Director General Defence Security (DGDS) to get some of the answers you may be looking for and some easy tips to adopt security best practices.

Take the first step in helping the Defence team become more secure and Vigilant!

Video / February 2, 2021


When it comes to security, vigilance is key. Even when working from home.

Here are some tips and tricks while working remotely.

Before stepping out, get justification and approbation to remove equipment and, if necessary, protected and classified information.

You need to take extra care of your devices when bringing your DND equipment outside of the office. Devices like laptops and smartphones need to be secure at all times and kept out of the public eye.

Always use strong passwords, secured network and approved software.

Do not release any sensitive information to the public or to anyone who does not have a need-to-know and the proper security clearance.

Know who your Information System Security Officers (ISSO) or Unit Security Supervisor (USS) are in case you have any questions or need to report a security incident.

Beware of cyber-attacks! Only open emails and attachments from trustworthy sources.

Use Microsoft O365: cloud-based applications such as Word, Excel, One note, MS Teams and more. This will allow you to work efficiently, communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, all while reducing the strain on the DWAN-DPVNI network.

By being vigilant, you are making sure to keep yourself and the organization safe

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