Security Awareness Week: Rebuilding Your Security Culture From Home to the Office

February 1st, 2022 - Defence Stories

Security Awareness Week - Rebuilding Your Security Culture: From Home to the Office - Online February 7-11

Security Awareness Week (SAW) is an annual event held during the second week of February in which departments are invited to promote good security practices and to share them government-wide.

Director General Defence Security (DGDS) is promoting a strong security culture at all levels within the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)by encouraging sound security practices whether working remotely, at the office or on operations. Security Awareness Week will be hosted virtually from 7 to 11 February 2022 with the theme “Rebuilding Your Security Culture: From Home to the Office”.

It is an excellent opportunity to increase security awareness and promote departmental security services for all DND employees and CAF members. Security awareness is a key element of the departmental security program under the Policy on Government Security and small daily actions can have a large impact on overall security. For example: lock your screen when you leave your desk; use your DWAN computer exclusively for work; do not plug a personal USB key or personal cellphone into your DWAN computer; do not tape your passwords under keyboard; and use social media carefully by not posting personal information (resume, social insurance number, banking information, etc.) or information on current DND/CAF operations online.

The online SAW will include a variety of new activities and products to increase visibility by providing important information on the core National Defence Security Orders and Directives elements. These will include: videos interview/presentation on security issues from specialists; infographics; animation motion graphic video; short articles, etc. All of these products will also be available on the various DND/CAF media to include DT newsletter, Maple Leaf and Base/Wing newspapers/websites, all DND/CAF social media platforms, and DGDS intranet, etc.

To help promote security awareness at all levels, including the unit level, Unit Security Supervisors (USS) and personnel who wish to promote security in their workplace may obtain products and information from the DGDS intranet Security Toolkit. To download products, visit the Security Awareness Toolkit page (accessible on the National Defence network).

You are an important part of keeping all members of our Defence Team secure through VIGILANCE!

The Security Awareness Training and Education Team,
Director General Defence Security

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