4. Funding

4.1 Available Funding and Duration

The total funding available under any one particular CFPMN is expected to be $9 million.

The maximum contribution per Micro-net is $1.5 million over three years. Contributions are non-repayable.

The maximum duration for the provision of funding to any Micro-net is 36 months.

To determine the amount of funding to be allocated, consideration will be given to the availability of IDEaS funds, the total amount requested and the other confirmed sources of funds provided by other stakeholders and the applicant.

Although the CFPMN does not require matching funds, Micro-nets are encouraged to demonstrate relevance and collaboration with their stakeholders by leveraging resources from non-Micro-net sources. Both cash and In-Kind Contributions to the Micro-net, over and above the amount requested in response to the CFPMN, are recognized as important to the Network’s success both in completion and translation of research. The Micro-net’s ability to leverage resources will be considered in the selection and ongoing evaluation of Micro-nets.

DND reserves the right to not accept proposals or to reduce the amount of the available funding at its entire discretion.

4.2 Stacking Provisions and Other Government Assistance

Approved Micro-net proposals will be eligible for a total government (federal, provincial/territorial and municipal) assistance of up to a maximum of 100% of total eligible costs. As detailed in Section 4.3, any Micro-net member(s) from for-profit organizations will be required to contribute up to 50% of their eligible costs, depending on the size of their organization.

Applicants must identify all sources of funding in their proposals and confirm this information in a Contribution Agreement if the proposal is selected for funding. Upon completion of a funded proposal, the recipient must also disclose all sources of funding received.

4.3 Eligible Costs

Eligible costs are those that are approved and incurred by the Initial Recipient and the Ultimate Recipients in respect of eligible projects and which, in the opinion of the DND, are reasonable and necessary to carry out the eligible Micro-net activities to which they relate. Eligible costs will be limited to the Initial and Ultimate Recipients’ non-recurring and incremental costs. 

DND shall not reimburse any claim for costs that are not fully substantiated and approved in advance as required by DND through the CFPMN.

Eligible costs are direct costs that are associated with the delivery of the approved proposal and that are required to achieve the expected results. Generally, eligible costs may only be considered for reimbursement if incurred following the execution of a contribution agreement.

Eligible costs are limited to the following categories:

  • stipends, salaries and benefits for students, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and technical staff;
  • acquisitions (not to exceed $5,000 per acquisition) or rental of equipment (cost category not to exceed 20% of the total approved eligible costs);
  • consultant services (provided by third parties not affiliated with the Micro-net);
  • laboratory analysis services (provided by third parties not affiliated with the Micro-net);
  • materials and supplies;
  • overhead (administrative) costs (not to exceed 15% of the total approved eligible costs);
  • publication, outreach and communication costs; and
  • travel in accordance with the National Joint Council’s Travel Directive (not to exceed 5% of total eligible costs)

Remuneration of Principal Investigator(s), Co-Investigators and Collaborators is not eligible. In-Kind Contributions (see Section 4.4) cannot be claimed as eligible costs.

For eligible costs being claimed on behalf of participants affiliated with for-profit organizations, expenses will be reimbursed according to the following schedule:

  • For organizations of 1 to 9 employees: 100% of eligible costs
  • For organizations of 10 to 49 employees: 75% of eligible costs
  • For organizations of 50 employees or more: 50% of eligible costs

Generally, eligible costs are to be incurred in Canada. However, the IDEaS Program may support eligible activities and associated costs incurred outside of Canada when necessary to ensure project success. In no case can more than 50% of eligible costs can be incurred outside of Canada.

More details on eligible and ineligible costs are included in Annex B – Eligible and Ineligible Costs of this application guide.

4.3.1 Reimbursement of Eligible Costs on an Exceptional Basis

The IDEaS Program Office will consider reimbursement of eligible costs from the date specified in the conditional acceptance letter that will be sent to the Initial Recipient once a final funding decision has been made at Stage 3 of the Evaluation Process (See Section 6.1- Evaluation Process). This is to allow flexibility for proponents to begin their project on or following the date of conditional acceptance, in recognition of the additional time required to execute a Contribution Agreement that may delay the start date of a project. 

Eligible costs reimbursed on an exceptional basis will not exceed 15% of the total eligible costs of the project. Under no circumstance shall DND reimburse a proponent for any eligible costs incurred (including those incurred on an exceptional basis) until a Contribution Agreement has been executed between the Crown and the Initial Recipient.

4.4 Additional Cash and In-Kind Contributions

Although not mandatory, the IDEaS Program Office will take into consideration both cash and In-Kind Contributions to the Micro-net during the final selection process. Cash contributions provide the Micro-net with the flexibility to increase their research allocations, cover expenses outside of the eligible costs of the CFPMN, and generally expand the scope of the Micro-net. Likewise, In-Kind Contributions, such as specialized access to data or resources, to intellectual property (IP), hospitality costs, salaries, software, and travel costs can provide invaluable support to Micro-nets. These In-Kind Contributions should be directed to the Micro-net and managed by the Initial Recipient in accordance with agreements signed by the Micro-net members.

Both cash and In-Kind Contributions to the Micro-net are expected to evolve over the lifetime of the project and increase with the progress of the research, networking and knowledge translation activities.

For In-Kind Contributions, the value and appropriateness shall be vetted by the IDEaS Program Office. All In-Kind Contributions are to be considered in calculating the total project costs, but are ineligible costs for reimbursement under the CFPMN

4.5 Advance Payments

DND will consider contributions to Initial Recipients in the form of an advance payment upon request. Any advance payment will be limited to the cash-flow requirements of the Micro-net and payments will be in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive on Transfer Payments. The Initial Recipient shall use the advance payment only for payment of eligible costs (see Annex B – Eligible and Ineligible Costs).

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