Competitive Projects – Third Call for Proposal

Recipients of first funding component (up to $200,000 contract award)

There have been 367 proposals submitted to 15 challenges from 214 different participants. The following table outlines the number of applicants from different areas, the amount of proposals submitted and the number of contracts issued.

Participants Proposals Contracts
Academia 25% 25%
Small & Medium Industry (< 500) 64% 62%
Large Industry 7% 10%
Non-for-profit organizations (NGO) 2% 3%
Individual Participants 2% 0%

Please note that submission titles appear in the language in which they were originally submitted. Also, awarded amounts listed on the Government of Canada’s Proactive Disclosure and Buy and Sell websites will take precedence.

Challenge Project Title
(submission titles appear in the language in which they were originally published)
Innovator Awarded Amount
Breaking the ice – ground solutions for removing frozen contaminants from aircraft Assisted Sacrificial Coatings for Mission Critical Rotorcraft Ground Deicing Operations Université du Québec à Chicoutimi  $229,969.53
Breaking the Ice and Removing Frozen Contaminants using Pulse Electro-Thermal Deicing (PETD) Technology BetterFrost Technologies Inc.  $229,885.00
Development of the Ice Camera Monitor Solution (ICMS) for automated vision deicing Simbiotix Control Inc.  $229,685.56
Drone De-icing Zariba Security Corporation  $213,210.00
Système de détection au sol de glace et de givre Louis Tanguay Informatique Inc.  $229,758.50
Novel hyperspectral imaging technology for fast and cost-effective removal of frozen contaminants from aircraft surfaces University of Manitoba  $156,191.28
Real-time, Robust and Sensitive Frost and Ice Detection via Planar Microwave Technology University of British Columbia  $228,850.00
Removing Frozen Contaminants using Remote Laser Systems Dgivre  $222,894.32
Now you see me, now you don’t – reducing visual and infrared detection of soldiers and their vehicles Deep learning for automated, adapted concealment Xtract Technologies Inc.  $229,396.25
Développement et caractérisation de matériaux multi-couches pour le camouflage hyperspectrale Telops Inc.  $228,899.11
Durable and Transparent Low-E Coatings for Military Sheath Applications Neverfrost Inc.  $227,747.37
Embedded Mechanical Chromatophores for Semi-active and Adaptable IR and Visual Camouflage of Vehicles and Soldiers University of Alberta  $229,807.96
Infrared concealing yarns and textiles based on lignin and algae aerogel and phase-changing materials Texavie Technologies Inc.  $228,896.00
Graphene-based multi modal adaptable thermal camouflage University of Ottawa  $185,610.00
Advanced metamaterials for engineered thermal emissivity and tunable transmission for detection avoidance McMaster University  $229,965.50
Power Up! Portable power for soldiers on the move Hand Held Hydrogen on Demand/Fuel Cell Converter GEMA Sciences  $229,085.75
Lightening the load: Hybrid energy harvesting flexible textile for continuous generation from light and movement Texavie Technologies Inc.  $229,241.00
Personal and Stackable power packs for off-grid military applications Growing Greener Innovations Inc. : CS IT Services Inc  $229,965.50
Soldier Worn Aluminum-air Generator AlumaPower Corporation  $229,931.00
Self-powered Lightweight Battery Patches For Dismounted Soldiers Ryerson University  $230,000.00
Powered Protection Integration Galvion Power Systems  $220,149.74
Shields up! Defend and protect satellites from natural and artificial threats Passive Laser Threat Detection and Localization MDA Corp  $228,345.69
Active Optical Sight Detection and Localization MDA  $230,000.00
Advanced 3D Printed Graphene/Polymer Nanocomposite Structures for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding of Satellites University of British Columbia  $230,000.00
Covert State and Status Verification Dominant Information Solutions Canada (DISC) Inc.  $175,950.00
Enhancing Cybersecurity of Space Assets through Quantum Encryption QEYnet Inc.  $229,997.52
Detection and monitoring system for satellites by using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) C-Core  $229,931.00
Development of a dual debris collision and irradiation damage protection for Canadian space missions University of British Columbia  $173,448.75
Miniature-Footprint Optical Comms Terminal with Built-In Encryption Key Refresh Capability Com Dev Ltc.  $229,996.62
Casting a Wide Net: Creating Secure Mobile Networks While on the Move CAF Next Generation Field Communications System C3SA Cybernetic Security Audit Inc.  $229,942.50
Secure, High Throughput and Robust Wireless Networking University of Waterloo  $229,278.95
Creating Secure Mobile Networks Using Ultraviolet Communication Technology University of British Columbia  $229,080.00
Rugged Wideband Agile Gateway Reach Technologies  $227,700.00
Quantum Leap: Shrinking sensing technologies for field operations High sensitivity and enhanced swap diamond quantum magnetometer for obscured environments and navigation SB Technologies Inc.  $230,000.00
Integrated and stabilized quantum sensing interferometers built with 3d printed metal structures University of Waterloo  $221,950.00
Potable sensing circuits for quantum navigation and radar aided by heterogenous integration The Governing Council of the University of Toronto Banting Institute  $212,715.30
Single Photon Rangefinder Lumibird Canada ltd.  $229,937.90
Atom-based Receiver for High Frequency Communications Quantum Valley Ideas Laboratories  $229,969.53
Bringing quantum sensing from out of the lab into the real-world University of Waterloo  $229,988.90
Development of PPE-compatible quantum dot sensing platform for CBRNE Applied Quantum Materials Inc.  $187,266.00
Embedded time tagger system for high-speed time-offlight Universal Quantum Devices Inc.  $221,145.00
Compact, robust control system for a quantum light source University of Waterloo  $171,101.60
Staying Four Steps Ahead: Understanding and Predicting the Behaviour of Adversaries An intelligent platform for assessing and predicting radicalization, and political instability Beam Me Up Labs  $199,388.38
Understanding and Predicting the Behaviours of Actors in Ground-Based Missions Menya Solutions  $229,835.00
AI Support for Behaviour Understanding and Prediction in Naval Operations Menya Solutions  $229,588.00
Development of a Food System Intelligence Platform to Support Activity-Based Intelligence AIRM Consulting  $229,724.00
Delphi: A modular framework that explores Command & Control (C2) and Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) capabilities MDA Systems Ltd.  $229,993.00
Multi-Domain Adversarial Behavior Modeling using Retroactive (Big Data) Analytics and ABI (MAABI) Larus Technologies Corporation  $227,654.00
Intuitive Reconnaissance Intelligence System (IRIS) General Dynamics Land Systems  $229,387.00
Arctic Maritime Domain Awareness Using Activity-Base Data-Driven Approach 4DM Inc.  $226 515.50
Spot the Hack: Intrusion detection systems for avionics networks and bus technologies iVigilant – An Intrusion Detection System for Predictable Networks Menya Solutions  $229,407.75
No Title Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal (CRIM)  $195,484.54
A scalable FMI-compatible cosimulation platform for cybersecurity of avionics systems La Corporation de l'École Polytechnique de Montréal  $213,808.00
Adaptive 1553 Intrusion Detection System CAE Inc.  $227,560.00
Early Cyberattack Warning and Response System for MIL-STD-1553 Platforms using Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Efficient Protection  $229,253.00
JETGUARD: Holistic Integrated Cyber-protection for Aircraft from Assembly to Retirement Palitronica Inc.  $229,172.00
An Explainable Active Learning Agent for Intrusion Detection and Risk Assessment on MIL-STD-1553-based Avionics Networks Queen’s University  $230 000.00
Beyond The Classroom: Innovative language learning and retention Système Tutoriel Intelligent Ludo-Persuasif Aquila (STILPA) pour la formation en langue seconde. Creative Techinnov Software Solutions Inc  $229,793.00
Using StellarX for language learning and retention OVA Gestion conseil inc.  $133,549.50
Immersive AI conversation-based learning application for enhanced acquisition, use and retention of a second language. Virtro Entertainment Inc.  $230,000.00
Collision Course – tracking and de-orbiting space debris High Resolution Space Situational Awareness System for Tracking of Small Objects Single Quantum Systems Inc. $229,987.93
Imaging space debris with shaped EM fields, adaptive beam steering and dynamic constellation antennas SmartCone Technologies Inc. $219,581.00
Sensors in Space for Tiny Orbital Debris (SISTOD) AstroCom Associates Inc. $229 827. 50
Dual channel telescope for enhanced RSO characterization ABB Inc. $229,253.08
High Performance Daytime Optical Ground-Based Observatory ABB Inc. $229,872.56
Special Processes and Advanced Computing Environment for Debris Unambiguity, Surveying, and Tracking (SPACEDUST) Magellan Aerospace Limited $229,227.07
A Cold Wind Blows: Seeking Smaller, Ruggedized Wind Turbines for the Arctic BES 3.4 kW Arctic Small Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Project Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. $229,923.63
N/A Eocycle Technologies Inc. $226,010.00
Translating Shuttle Foil Wind Energy System University of British Columbia $228,814.07
Microwave Enhanced Low Interfacial Toughness (LIT) Materials for Ice-Free, Radar-Invisible Arctic Wind Turbines University of British Columbia $190,253.70
Nano-Materials Integrated Microwave Technology for Radar Invisible, Anti-Ice, UV Protected Wind Turbines University of British Columbia $228,850.00
Siku anuri (ice wind) Xant Renewables B.V. $227,602.25
Durable Anti-Icing Metallic Surfaces for Arctic Wind Power University of British Columbia $152,750.00
Remaining Vigilant: Identifying Cyber Dependencies, Vulnerabilities and Threats Autonomous Agents for Cyber Defence MDA Systems Ltd $229,995.54
Cyber Attack Surface Analyzer Platform Serial Heckler an Intrusion Prevention System CybernetIQ Inc. $229.741.26
Serial Heckler an Intrusion Prevention System Thales Digital Solutions $228,931.00
SIVUS: Side-channel based Vulnerability Scanner University of Waterloo $229,974.42
Advanced Cyber Warrior Training root9B Canada Inc. $228,073.75
All Systems Go! Predicting and optimizing maintenance for military platforms Real-Time Learning and Prediction for Platform-Agnostic On-Board Condition-Based Maintenance of Military Systems TrackGen Solutions Inc. $229,913.75
Advanced AI-based Service to Predict and Optimize the Availability of Military Systems Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc. $227,289.50
ConditionWISE Gastops Ltd. $229,393.53
Tacteris Military Logistics Planning Software Tacteris Systems Inc. $228,620.00
Fleet HUMS and Condition-based and Predictive Maintenance (CBPM) of Military Platforms and In-Service Assets Concordia University $228,141.60
PIKE (Predictive Intelligent Kinematic Ensemble) - AI-driven predictive maintenance using fog computing Terra Sense Analytics Ltd. $229,994.39
Sensing fibres for a full condition based monitoring platform MesoMat Inc. $229,471.00
Spring into Action - Fast and adaptive logistics planning for military missions Logistics Evaluation and Direction (LEAD) Visual Defence Inc. $229,849.37
Rapid Mission Supply Planning (RMSP) Deloitte Inc. $229,949.40

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