Military Training Cooperation Program - Governance


Oversight of MTCP activities is provided by an interdepartmental Military Assistance Steering Committee (MASC) composed of officials from DND/CAF, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and other governmental departments, as required. DMTC reports annually to the MASC on the Program’s strategic and operational achievements, as well as its financial administration. The MASC is empowered to review the MTCP's membership, recommend adjustments of funding priorities, and ensure that MTCP's training activities are broadly aligned with the member countries’ needs.


The admission of new countries to the Program is recommended by the MASC and relies on a dual-key approval system involving concurrent endorsement by the Ministers of National Defence and Foreign Affairs. Applications for MTCP membership can be channeled through regional Canadian Defence Attachés, who refer them to DMTC for review by the MASC.

The MTCP’s diverse membership, consisting of over 50 countries from Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, reflects the broad regional interests that underpin Canada’s foreign and defence policy. Its membership structure provides a flexible, responsive and scalable defence diplomacy instrument, allowing Canada to adjust its engagement based on current policy objectives, member country needs and ability to absorb Canadian assistance, and the operational requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canada aims at encouraging long term and sustainable strategic results by accepting new member countries into the MTCP that:

  • Meet Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy strategic interests
  • Have historic bilateral relations with Canada
  • Are non-oppressive and in line with human rights considerations
  • Do not threaten their neighboring nations
  • Demonstrate the ability to accept and absorb Canadian assistance
  • Meet Canadian Armed Forces’ operational goals and interests
  • Demonstrate political/military relevance to Canada
  • Participate in peace support operations
  • Have a per capita GDP of US $15,000 per year or less

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