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1. Introduction

The Pre-Army Operations Course (Pre-AOC) is sponsored by the Canadian Forces (CF) represented by the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation Programme (DMTC) and is conducted at the Land Forces Atlantic Area (LFAA) Training Centre (TC) at Camp Aldershot and at 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Pre-AOC 0702 will be conducted during the period 02 - 20 July 2007. Six officers, one each from Belize, Brazil, Jordan, Mongolia, Serbia and South Korea will participate in the training.

2. AIM

The aim of the Pre-AOC is to prepare those junior officers from MTCP sponsored countries with an introduction to tactics and combat team operations prior to their attendance at the Army Operations Course (AOC) at the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College (CLFCSC). The fourteen-day introductory programme will provide the student with the basic skills necessary to effectively participate in the more advanced AOC.


The Pre-AOC is based on the curriculum of the Army Tactics and Operations Course (ATOC) conducted at the Tactics School, Combat Training Centre Gagetown for all Canadian Army officers. This course concentrates on the intermediate level of tactical operations - that is, in the all arms battle group and the interaction of its groupings and sub-units. The course is "Tactical" since it focuses on the "disposing of military forces in actual contact with the enemy" and since it concentrates on the "level of command which directs the use of military forces in battles and engagements". The study of combined arms tactics begins at the sub-unit level (combat teams, company and squadron groups) and culminates at the basic combined arms tactical building block - the battle group. It is not the intent of the course to produce combat team commanders but to ensure that the student has a basic understanding of the conduct of tactical operations.


Pre-AOC 0702 will be conducted at the 14 Wing Greenwood and LFAA Training Centre (LFAA TC), Camp Aldershot, Nova Scotia. A map and site plan are at Annexes A and B respectively. 14 Wing is situated near the town of Kingston Nova Scotia, while LFAA TC Aldershot is situated on the edge of the town of Kentville. Both towns are located in the Annapolis Valley of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. Kentville is approximately 100 kilometres west of the City of Halifax, while Kingston is approximately 135 kilometres.


As service records are not forwarded to the course, there is no means of obtaining information on students for syndicate selection, etc. except through the enclosed Student Personal History Form attached at Annex C. Students are to complete the form and forward it by e-mail or facsimile (fax) to arrive no later than 15 June 2007. The e-mail address of the MTCP Administrative Sergeant is, or the MTCP Fax number at LFAA TC at Camp Aldershot (902) 678-5176 or the MTAP office at National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) in Ottawa (613) 922-2458.


On arrival at the Halifax International Airport, all students will be met by a member of the MTCP Staff and transported to the course accommodation at 14 Wing Greenwood. Students travel details/itineraries will be forwarded to MTCP at NDHQ Ottawa by the appropriate Canadian Defence Attaché or Canadian Embassy representatives. Students SHOULD NOT arrive in Halifax prior to Friday, 29 June 2007, unless commercial travel arrangements leave no other option. All students must be present at 14 Wing Greenwood not later than 1600 hours, Sunday, 01 July 2007, the day prior to commencement of classes.


  • Rations and quarters are provided at 14 Wing Greenwood. Students will be accommodated in single rooms with ensuite bathroom facilities. Room allocations will be made on arrival. Personal comfort items, towels and toiletries are the individual’s responsibility.
  • All meals will be served in the 14 Wing Greenwood Dining Facility. Staff and students will use the OFFR/SR NCO designated area. During duty hours (until 1700 hrs daily) dress in the Dining facility will be Uniform of the Day. After 1700 hrs and on weekends dress will be relaxed civilian i.e. casual trousers or jeans, collared shirt and shoes. Sports gear will not be worn in the Dining Facility.


During the Pre-course at Greenwood and Aldershot and the AOC at CLFCSC Kingston, students (except South Korea) will receive a daily allowance of $10 Canadian to defray expenses while in Canada. This allowance will be paid to students in two separate instalments: on arrival for the period in Aldershot 01-20 July and in Kingston for the period of the AOC, 21 July to 06 December 2007. This allowance will permit students to purchase toiletries and pay their Officers Mess Subscription and Extra Messing charges.


  • Students should view the CLFCSC web site at for the AOC requirements. For the Pre-AOC portion students will require the following:

a. Combat Clothing/Field Clothing including boots and field cap;

b. rainwear;

c. military sweater/pullover;

d. physical fitness dress (sweat suit, shorts, T-Shirt and gym shoes/trainers/sneakers;

e. civilian sports jacket or blazer and standard civilian wear, i.e. trousers, shirts, tie and shoes; and

f. a padlock/combination lock to secure personal possessions.

  • Combat/Field Clothing will be the Dress of the Day for the Pre-AOC. The weather in Nova Scotia during the period 1-20 July is warm and dry with temperatures ranging from 15C to 25°C. Warm clothing will be required for the Fall/Autumn/Winter period in Kingston. Students from “warm climates” such as Belize, Brazil and Jordan will receive a one time Grant of $250 Canadian to purchase civilian warm clothing; those from cold weather countries such as Mongolia and Serbia (who are expected to have personal cold weather clothing) will receive a one time Grant of $100 Canadian. A “Shopping Trip” to local commercial stores to purchase clothing will be arranged by the CLFCSC staff, once students arrive in arrival in Kingston.
  • Canadian Laws are very restrictive on the possession of firearms of any sort. Therefore, ARMS AND AMMUNITION ARE NOT TO BE BROUGHT TO CANADA. Tactical Exercises are day activities only. As a consequence students are not required to bring Camp/Field equipment with them.
  • On arrival, students will be issued with a lap top computer that contains all reference material. All necessary publications and course supplies will be provided.


The postal address for personal mail during the Pre-AOC is:

Service Number, Rank, Name and Initials
LFAA TC Det Aldershot
PO Box 820, Kentville, Nova Scotia
Canada, B4N 4H8

11. Camp Aldershot Main Telephone Number: (Area Code 902) 678-7930.

The following numbers are extension/locals on this main number:

  • MTCP Office - 2615. Manned during the hours of 0730 – 1530hrs Monday to Friday. The Administration NCO, Sergeant Clarke will take messages. Students will not be interrupted while in class, unless it is an emergency;
  • Chief Instructor’s Office - 2616 and Cellular Phone(902) 679-7643;
  • MTCP JCSC FAX line – (902) 678-5176;
  • Standards Officer and Training NCO - 2614;
  • Administration NCO – 2615, Cellular Phone (902) 670-7960;
  • LFAA TC Det Aldershot Duty Officer Cellular Phone - (902) 670-0178;
  • LFAA TC Det Aldershot Main Gate - Local 2139; and
  • LFAA TC Det Aldershot Main Gate Fax - (902) 678-5191 .


Passports are required for travel to Canada. The official documentation required for entry into Canada will be arranged by the coordinating Canadian Embassy staff or Canadian Defence Attaché. Students are to ensure that their passports are fully secured in a locked container or cabinet during their attendance on the course.


The Canadian Embassy staff or Canadian Defence Attaché will coordinate details of students’ transportation from Greenwood/Aldershot to Kingston. As indicated in the Course Loading Message students are to depart HALIFAX on Air Canada flight 609 at 1050 hrs, 21 July 2007. Transportation will be provided to take students to Halifax International Airport in time to check in for their departure flights.

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