The chain of command and return to duty

CAF RTD and Duty

An RTD recommendation is an assignment of MELs that define the parameters of the regular work week for the CAF member. CFAO 24-6 states that “a member is on duty when he is at a specific place, or doing a specific act, because of a military order”. For a CAF member on RTD, the medical authority has recommended the member to be in a place in addition to their normal place of duty; i.e., at home recovering, at the gym rehabilitating, or attending a medical appointment, at certain periods during the regular work week.

Base/Wing RTD Committee

Base/Wing Commanders are encouraged to create an RTD Committee to collaborate in the effective and efficient management, support and promotion of the CAF RTD program on their Base/Wing. The Base/Wing RTD Committee should be chaired by a representative from the Base/Wing Administration Officer.

The RTD Committee should include the following:

The terms of reference and composition of the Base/Wing RTD Committee should be tailored to reflect local resources, requirements and stakeholder relationships. Sample Terms of Reference for the Base/Wing RTD Committee are provided at Annex D. The Committee should meet when necessary to:

Unit RTD Representative

Units have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure their members who become ill and injured are fully supported in their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. This support fosters loyalty, unit cohesion and maintains a shared identity for the ill and injured member. In turn, maintenance of this connection and purpose for the member further promotes their recovery, enhances their rehabilitation and speeds their reintegration with the unit, and contributes to unit operational effectiveness.

Unit COs should appoint a Unit RTD Representative to assist in the coordination of support for their members on RTD. The Unit RTD Representative has the responsibility to support their members on RTD. Unit RTD Representatives should work collaboratively with the local IPSC RTD Coordinator in ensuring this support is provided in a timely and effective manner. The level of engagement of the Unit RTD Representative in RTD Plan development and RTD Process management for their members should be tailored to reflect the local requirements and capacities while respecting the principles and objectives of the RTD program.

Unit RTD Representatives should receive the Unit RTD Representative course delivered locally by the IPSC. This 3-day course provides the information, knowledge and practical skills the Unit RTD Representative requires for assisting their members on RTD in developing and implementing their RTD Plan.

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