The SMSRC’s Restorative Engagement Program Updates – Summer 2023

Dear class member,

We recognize how important it is to provide you with regular updates about the Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Centre (SMSRC)’s Restorative Engagement (RE) program as we continue to contact class members interested in the program.

Progress in the Program

We have received over 6,300 requests from class members who indicated an interest to participate in the RE program. This is more than double what was initially anticipated. We are grateful that this program has created so much interest and we continue to hire staff to meet the growing needs of class members like you.

Given the high level of interest, the RE program will be in place for a minimum of three years (2023-2026) to allow each class member the opportunity to participate. We acknowledge that there may be a significant length of time before we contact you about participating, and we thank you for your patience. In the meantime, if you need support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SMSRC 24/7 line at 1-844-750-1648.

We continue to strive to meet class members’ needs within the parameters of the program. Our team continues to contact class members who have expressed interest in the program in the order that they have submitted their claim, in the region they reside. To date, we have contacted more than 600 class members who have submitted their claims. We are also in the process of hiring Regional Intake Officers to allow for greater numbers of class members to be contacted.

To date, 10 cohorts of Defence representatives have now completed their participation in the RE program. One additional cohort is currently underway and four more are planned to start in September 2023. These representatives are Defence Team members that have volunteered to acknowledge and learn from the experiences and insights of class members through directly and/or indirectly engagement to actively contribute to culture change in a meaningful and tangible way.

Did You Know?

There are three overall phases for class member participation:

  1. Getting introduced to Restorative Engagement.
  2. Preparing and actively participating.
  3. Concluding participation in Restorative Engagement.

The length of each phase depends on class members and how they want to participate.

In phase 1, class members will speak with a restorative practitioner, learn more about the program, and determine if the program can meet their objectives and therefore if they want to participate.

In phase 2, class members will design their engagement plan. They will identify what they want to share and how within the options available, to achieve their objectives for engaging. They will also work with the restorative practitioner who will assist the class member in preparing for their direct or indirect engagement with Defence representatives.

In phase 3, class members will have an opportunity to provide feedback of their experience participating in the RE program. They can also explore additional engagement opportunities through other means such as receiving updates and participating in program evaluation or research.

Information Sessions

We have held several information sessions from May to July 2023. We thank all those who attended and provided feedback. We are working on readjusting the sessions based on that feedback and lessons learned. New sessions will be scheduled for fall. We encourage you to keep following the SMSRC’s social media channels and website for details on new dates and how to join.

How to Reach Out

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at or by phone at 1-833-998-2048. We will continue to provide you with updates throughout the duration of the program.

In addition, you can reach out to the SMSRC 24/7 line at 1-844-750-1648. The SMSRC’s 24/7 line counsellors can provide you with confidential support, including information on options, guidance on supporting others, and referrals to care and service organizations. This service is available in either official language. 

Note: We are not able to provide you with an update on your claim and invite you to contact the Claim’s Administrator about the CAF-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement at or by telephone at 1-888-626-2611.

Please inform us and the Claim’s Administrator of any changes to your contact information (e.g., your email address or phone number), by emailing us at or by phone as above, at 1-833-998-2048.

Thank you again for your patience as we continue to work with the class member community to deliver a meaningful restorative experience. If you have any questions, please contact us.


The Restorative Engagement program team

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