Cadet Program Re-scope

The Assistant Deputy Minister (Review services) (ADM(RS)) released the Evaluation of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) youth programs in October 2020. The related Management Action Plan included 40 action items to address nine key findings and five associated recommendations is driving factor for the Cadet Program Re-scope.

The goal of the Cadet Program Re-scope is to re-align Cadets Canada into an affordable, accessible, and agile program which provides opportunities equitably across Canada. The Cadet Program Re-scope capitalizes on the use of lessons learned and best practices, while maintaining the Cadet Program aims of developing in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promoting physical fitness, and stimulating the interest of youth in the sea, land, and air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Planning and coordination to meet this intent is on-going with the initial focus on changes to the delivery of the summer program for 2022 and force generation. In particular, the summer 2022 training program will reduce the number of centralized CTCs from 21 to 12, but will also include more than 200 community-based Cadet Activity Programs.


An affordable, agile and accessible program of choice, providing young Canadians with contemporary experiences that will help them successfully transition to adulthood.

Key Principles to Realize the Vision


The CAF invests significant resources to permit Canadian youth to reap the benefits of the Government of Canada’s premier Youth Program. Affordability is twofold: at the individual level, the Youth Program will continue to be offered at no cost to the participants and their families; and at the institutional level, all training activities will be planned and delivered within allocated resources. 


Agility is paramount to ensuring that the programs remain relevant for current and future participants, as well as to ensure that CJCR effectively adapts to internal and external change impetus in order to continue to provide a program of choice to young Canadians. 


The Cadet Program is delivered in a dynamic and diverse Canadian society. Accessibility to individual experiences will allow participants to choose their own path within the Cadet Program. 


The CAF will re-scope the Cadet Program, capitalizing on enhanced cooperation with DND/CAF stakeholders,combined with the alignment of resources to outputs and ultimate outcomes, with a view to providing continued excellence in program delivery to Canada’s youth.

Key Enablers to Accomplish Mission

The following are the key enablers to provide consistent, sustainable and self-sufficient support to a re-scoped Cadet Program:

  • Sufficient and stable funding,
  • Adequate material and infrastructure capabilities,
  • Professional and well-supported personnel,
  • Contemporary and flexible training design and delivery,
  • Up-to-date policies and standardized procedures, and
  • Rationalized and optimized support relationships.

Desired End-State for Each Cadet Program Activity


Activity 1:

Deliver Locally Directed Activities (LDA)

Equitable and consistent CAF stakeholder support to Cadet Corps and Squadrons that will provide core experiences to Canadian youth, emphasizing program aims, supplemented with elective experiences commensurate with youth interest and local capabilities.

Activity 2:

Deliver Zone, Area, Regionally and Nationally Directed Activities (ZDA, ADA, RDA and NDA)

Additional specialized and enriched experiences available to eligible cadets based on a demand driven, resource dependent billet allocation model, continuously adjusted and balanced to align youth interests and resource allocations.

Activity 3:

Deliver Summer Training

Progressively enhanced experiences commencing with a decentralized Cadet Activities Program (CAP) for all first- and second-year cadets that leverages available CAF and community facilities; expanding to centralized experiences for all third-year cadets and above that fully optimizes the DND/CAF controlled Cadet Training Centre (CTC) infrastructure portfolio; and culminating with staff cadet employment opportunities for all eligible cadets.

Activity 4:

Deliver Domestic and International Activities

A fully CAF controlled and resourced domestic and international activities, aligned and/or integrated with Operation DISTINCTION, as applicable, and available to eligible cadets in order to complete the full cadet experience and thereby achieving the Phase 5/Level 5/Master Cadet qualification.

Activity 5:

Enable Program Support Capabilities

Fully developed, sustainable and integrated material, infrastructure, IM/IT, data/innovation/analytics (DIA), and financial resource support capabilities and a balanced Force Employment (FE) construct that enables the required consistent support to Cadet Program delivery.

Activity 6:

Enable Force Generation (FG) Capabilities

Modernized, optimized and self sufficient adult staff attraction, recruitment, and individual training & education (IT&E) capabilities, and integrated senior cadet development to reinforce the program’s basic tenet of youth leading youth.

Activity 7:

Enable Command and Control (C2) Capabilities

A formation that adapts and applies the six CAF guiding principles of Identity, Operational Focus, Command Centric Imperative, Mission Command, ARAs, and Personnel in the context of the CAF’s Cadet Program.

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