Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Updated CATO 13-02 Merit-based Cadet Rank Promotions - Corps / Squadron

  1. After months of coordination and many revisions, we have arrived at a point of general agreement on Cadet Promotions. I have therefore approved CATO 13-02, Merit-based Cadet Rank Promotions – Corps / Squadron effective 19 Nov 13.
  2. The following key improvements have been made based on stakeholder feedback over the past two years which has resulted in a more policy-focused CATO:

    1. The CATO clarifies and emphasizes the fact that cadet rank promotions are based on merit—they are not automatic.  It also reinforces that the corps / squadron CO is the authority for all cadet rank promotions.

    2. Cadet rank promotions are linked to the Leadership Team Model and to leadership performance. Cadets must attain a minimum of "completed without difficulty in POs 303, 403, and 503 (Leadership) to be promoted to the ranks of PO2/Sgt/Sgt, PO1/WO/FSgt, and CPO2/MWO/WO2, respectively.

    3. Additional leadership attributes that Div O / Pl Comd / Flt Comd (corps/sqn) need to consider when recommending whether or not a cadet should be promoted have been added.

    4. The importance of physical fitness in the Cadet Program has been highlighted by emphasizing the requirement of cadets to participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of PO X04 (Personal Fitness & Healthy Living).

    5. Direction as to the steps COs must take when a cadet does not yet merit rank promotion has been added.

    6. Maximum vacancies will continue to be limited to one for the rank of CPO1/CWO/WO1, but have been removed for the rank of CPO2/MWO/WO2 so that COs may promote all cadets who merit promotion to this rank level.  Promotions to both of these rank levels will still require the cadet to be identified as a successful candidate through the merit review board process.

    7. The CATO has been simplified by focusing on establishing clear policy and removing procedural guidance.  Sample tools and best practices, such as checklists, will be available in the File Repository Toolbox for consideration by corps / squadron COs in their application of this policy.  Corps / squadrons are encouraged to share their best practices, including sending them to

    8. Exceptions to policy, such as a requirement to promote a cadet to an acting rank or a requirement to promote more than one cadet to the rank of CPO1/CWO/WO1, are under the authority of the RCSU CO.

  3. I am fully aware of the importance of this particular policy and the passion stakeholders have for this aspect of the Cadet Program. Although there were some contentious and conflicting viewpoints, I am confident that these updates emphasize the merit-based and leadership focused attributes that all agree were needed. The end result is a policy that, when applied correctly at the corps / squadrons, will ensure cadet promotions are fair, transparent, merit-based and a key part of recognizing the leadership abilities of cadets.

  4. I would like to thank all stakeholders who have helped shape this updated policy and the Cadet Program Development staff at D Cdts & JCR for their efforts along the way to ensure these key improvements were achieved.

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