Refs: A. CATO 14-06 Training or Recreational Trips
C. 3350-Op LASER 20-01

1. CANCDTGEN 008/20 dated 10 March 2020 has been rescinded.

2. The National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Natl CJCR Sp Gp) has been directed to adopt an aggressive posture to minimize personnel risk of exposure and to prevent the CAF and cadets from becoming a transmission vector. As such, this CANCDTGEN issues amplifying direction related to the execution of Cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger (JCR) activities, and preventative measures to better protect CAF members, cadets and JCRs and their families from COVID-19.

3. The safety and welfare of everyone who participates in the Cadet and JCR Programs is always our top priority. As such, we take very seriously our responsibility to protect cadets, JCRs and their supervisors from any real or apparent health or safety concern.

4. We know that the Cadet and JCR Programs are safe, fun and secure places for young people to enjoy experiences they can’t get anywhere else, and we want to ensure that we can continue to offer these valuable programs in communities across the country. We remind participants who are displaying symptoms such as cough and fever to seek medical attention and take time to recover before returning to activities. They will not be penalized for their absence, but are directed to notify their cadet corps, squadron or JCR patrol to ensure that their absence is recorded as excused.

5. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp is continuing to actively monitor the situation, in cooperation with local, provincial and federal health officials, and will adjust our approach as the situation continues to unfold. Cadet corps, squadrons and JCR Patrols are to consult their chain of command for guidance should there be any changes required to programs or activities.

6. In line with other youth organizations and school boards, the Natl CJCR Sp Gp is taking unprecedented precautions to protect the safety and well-being of all who participate in our programs. We will continue to monitor the actions taken by other like-minded youth organizations and will adjust our plans accordingly.

7. A template letter has been drafted for corps and squadron commanding officers to give to parents/guardians of cadets to provide them with updated information concerning changes to our programs.

Recreational Trips (Domestic and International)

8. The safety and welfare of all who participate in our programs is always our top priority, as such we take very seriously our responsibility to protect cadets from any real or apparent health or safety concern. In response to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Comd Natl CJCR Sp Gp has rescinded authorization for all international (including U.S.A.) and domestic recreational trips, and ordered a review of all domestic core activities through to 30 April 2020. The decision to rescind authorization for these activities is not taken lightly, and is being made to protect cadets, their families and staff from the unnecessary risk of exposure and the possibility of quarantine or self-isolation, either internationally or here in Canada.

9. Recreational trips are often funded in part by the cadets, their parents and affiliated supporters and League partners. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp urges those responsible for booking recreational trips to work with their respective booking agencies to amend travel plans accordingly.

10. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp is collaborating with Department of National Defence and CAF as well as with other federal departments in order to maintain proper situational awareness on the COVID-19 situation in Canada and globally to synchronize interdepartmental response under the lead of Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. As a result, the situation is continuously being monitored and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Cadet Activities

11. Cadet corps and squadron activities conducted at their regular parade locations that do not involve travel, or overnight stays are authorized to continue. Activities such as those listed below are to be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled:

    a. International travel;

    b. Domestic travel;

    c. Previously approved CAF Familiarization activities;

    d. Army Cadet pre-para training;

    e. Regional directed music activities;

    f. Stage 3 Provincial/Territorial Marksmanship Championship activities will be conducted remotely (e.g. mail-in shoot,     electronic scoring, etc.),

    g. Participation in League Career Expo activities or large gathering of people ​and Annual General Meetings (AGM);

    h. CIC Training Courses previously approved

    i. FTX; 

    j. overnight activities; and

    k. Nautical Training Sites, Cadet Expedition Sites and Cadet Flying Sites (with the exception of select Air Ops Force     generation activities).

Summer Training and International Exchanges

12. It is too early to tell if there will be an impact on summer training and summer international exchanges. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp is working on a variety of contingency plans in response to these concerns. However, as of 12 March, 2020 no additional offers of participation or offers of employment at CTCs/CFTCs will be actioned until after 30 April, 2020.

Travel for COATS Members 

13. The CAF is aligning with the Government of Canada’s approach and shifting their focus from containment efforts, such as assisted return and quarantine operations, to measures intended to further delay and mitigate the impacts of a potential widespread transmission of COVID-19. As such, a Canadian Forces General Message (CANFORGEN 039/20) addressing COVID-19 was issued on 3 March 2020. The purpose of this CANFORGEN is to issue amplifying direction related to travel policies, defence engagements and activities, and preventive health measures to better protect the CAF from COVID-19.

14. The CAF has taken a more aggressive approach than other federal departments in regulating members’ travel to countries experiencing outbreaks of COVID-19. As the force that must be ready at all times to conduct military operations, at home and abroad, the CAF has a responsibility to enforce health protection measures for their personnel in order to maintain operational effectiveness and preserve their capacity to carry out core missions in support of the Government of Canada.

15. For the formation, CAF members on Class-A service with the CCO are not to be recalled from leave. However, any CAF members on Class A service, CIs, volunteers, and cadets returning from international travel (including U.S.A) shall refrain from participating in ANY CCO activities for 14 days following their return,

16. COATS Members are to consult CANFORGEN 039/20 and defer questions about travel to their respective chain of command for approval.

17. All available and updated information for the Natl CJCR Sp Gp response to COVID-19 can be found on the CCO net at: http://collaboration.cco.nat/sites/NAT/SitePages/covid19.aspx, DWAN:​

18. Notwithstanding the above direction, all municipal, provincial, and federal direction/restrictions shall be followed. RCSUs shall ensure that Corps and Squadron COs’ follow the lead of local school boards when deciding if/when to cancel local training activities.

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