Canadian Cadets General Order (CANCDTGEN) - Air Cadet National Summer Training Course Selection Process 2021

Refs: A. 8060-7 Gp Order – Air Cadet National Summer Training Course Selection Process

B. 2021 Spring / Summer Training Directive, 1 Nov 20

C. 1085-5 (DCOS TOPD) Tasking Order 001 to Campaign Plan – Move to Phase 3 Within a COVID Environment 2020-2021 dated 3 Jul 20

D. 1085-3-4 (Comd Natl CJCR Sp GP) Comd Letter to PPTC Cadets, May 20

  1. The process to select cadets for Air Cadet National Summer Training Courses (ACNSTC SP) was updated and implemented in the 2019/2020 training year.  Although all in-person summer training opportunities were cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the application and selection process, as established in the Group Instruction, was fully utilized.  As such, after feedback from all stakeholders, the Group Instruction, which has been transitioned into a Group Order, has been updated, and can be found at Ref A.
  2.  In accordance with (IAW) Ref B. the Commander Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) has authorized limited in-person Cadet Training Centre Training for summer 2021 due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.    
  3. IAW Ref C. no international travel, including to the USA, is authorized prior to 31 August 2021.  Therefore, there will be no International Air Cadet Exchanges conducted in 2021.
  4. IAW Ref B. CJCR has commenced planning to conduct the Glider Pilot Training Course (GPTC) and the Power Pilot Training Course (PPTC) during summer 2021.  The Comd CJCR has directed that training will only be conducted as long as public health measures (PHMs) can bet met and the safety of all participants can be ensured, therefore at any point the delivery of training may be altered and / or cancelled.
  5. IAW Ref D. those cadets who were selected for PPTC (Power Pilot Scholarship) in 2020 and completed the online ground school training in summer 2020 and obtained a score of 70% or higher will receive advance standing for PPTC 2021.  Therefore, they will not be required to participate in the selection process and will be automatically selected, as long as they have made the commitment to contribute to passing their aviation knowledge to squadron members and they have a strong recommendation from their squadron Commanding Officer (CO). 
  6.  The billet plan for GPTC and PPTC, which provides the breakdown of cadets by region / province, is detailed in Ref B. 
  7. PPTC billets for 2021 are allocated to two separate cohorts of cadets – 2020 Advanced Standing cadets and 2021 PPTC cadets.  The total number of billets were allocated based on regional / provincial populations and then assigned first to any 2020 Advanced Standing cadets, with the remainder being assigned to 2021 PPTC cadets.  In some instances a province / region will have already reached their billet allocation with just 2020 Advanced Standing cadets.  This does not mean that other cadets cannot apply, a stand-by list will still be required should an advanced standing cadet chooses not to attend.
  8. IAW Ref A. the maximum number of cadets who can be selected for PPTC is one per squadron.  When a squadron already has a cadet selected through advanced standing, the 2021 PPTC cadet(s) would be placed on stand-by and only selected if the 2020 Advanced Standing cadet declines the opportunity and they are the next cadet on the provincial / regional selection list.  In those instances where more than one 2020 Advanced Standing cadet is from the same squadron, each cadet will be selected.
  9. The application and selection process for 2020 Advanced Standing cadets, only, is as follows:


Due Date Task Responsibility

8 Jan 21

Forward list of eligible cadets to squadron CO RCSU
29 Jan 21

Confirm cadet(s) is(are):

  • interested / available to attend PPTC, and
  • committed to contributing to passing their aviation knowledge to squadron members.
Squadron CO
5 Feb 21 Recommend cadet(s) to RCSU Squadron CO
12 Feb 21 Forward list of 2020 Advanced Standing Cadets to CJCR HQ RCSU
1 Mar 21 Create / update Fortress participation application(s) and select 2020 Advanced Standing cadets for PPTC 2021 CJCR HQ
19 Mar 21 Confirm selection in Fortress Squadron CO
7 Jun 21

Ensure supporting documentation is submitted:

TC CAT 3 Medical

Squadron CO

10.  The application and selection process for cadets, other than 2020 Advanced Standing cadets, will be conducted IAW Ref A, with the following exceptions in relation to allocation of points for the file review assessment factor:

a. scoring factor 1 (Attendance Mandatory Training Activities) – calculation will also include the cadet’s Fortress attendance record from 1 September – 30 June 2019;

b. scoring factor 3 (Regional Directed Activity (RDA) Participation and 4 (Nationally Directed Activity (NDA) Participation) – calculation will also include confirmed attendance from 1 September – 30 June 2019; and

c. scoring factor 8 (Cadet Fitness Assessment) – will not be included in final score for the file review.

11.  IAW Ref A. provinces / regions are allocated interview positions based on the number of billets assigned.  The interview position allocation, by course, can be found at Ref B. 

12. Questions can be directed to the applicable RCSU J5 Air or CJCR J5 Air, Capt Nicole Stark.

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