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1. Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment where adult staff, cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) feel valued and can develop to their maximum potential. Treating every person within our organization with respect and fairness, acting and making decisions in their best interest and working objectively within the parameters of CJCR orders, policies and directives are at the core of our daily operations. We foster supportive relationships with cadets/JCRs within appropriate boundaries in order to promote and maintain a culture free from all forms of discrimination, abuse, inappropriate conduct and damaging behaviour.  

2. Your behaviour, at all training activities whether in person or virtual, impacts this environment. CJCR orders, policies, and directives have been developed and provided to you through training programs to ensure you are successful in maintaining this positive environment. In addition, this Code of Conduct has been developed, for you as a cadet/JCR, in order to provide an opportunity for you to:

  1. review, reflect on and discuss the key behaviours that are expected of you as a cadet/JCR;
  2. acknowledge your commitment and responsibility to continuing to learn about and abide by all CJCR orders, policies, and directives; and
  3. acknowledge that you will continue to align your behaviour with the values of the organization and respect the Laws of Canada, including the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

3. Codes of conduct are read, discussed and signed at the start of summer training. Signing this code means you are committed to doing what is right and demonstrating courage to challenge inappropriate actions and behaviour. It also means you recognize the requirement to continue to behave in ways that align to CJCR policies, values, and direction. A summary of expected behaviours is provided below. Please note this list does not include all behaviours.

4. As a cadet/JCR I understand I am responsible to: 

  1. set a positive example for conduct. My actions and behaviours will be kind.
  2. be respectful of others, including their physical boundaries, personal property, and privacy.
  3. be honest;
  4. treat everyone fairly;
  5. follow the decisions and direction of my leaders;
  6. use a calm and reasonable tone of voice when interacting with others, particularly when giving instruction or addressing concerns;
  7. ensure that I am always acting in a safe manner when participating in cadet/JCR activities; looking out for my own safety and the safety of others;
  8. report any wrongdoing that I am aware of to an adult staff member as soon as possible;
  9. think about how my actions will impact others and the environment before deciding how I will behave;
  10. be respectful of the environment and my surroundings at all times;
  11. behave in a way that is consistent with this code while on social media sites and any other electronic communications, such as CADET365, even on my personal time[1];
  12. ensure my uniform is clean and in good repair and that I am wearing it as outlined in dress regulations;
  13. request the assistance of a senior cadet/JCR or adult staff member when I need help;
  14. take care of all clothing, materials and equipment that are loaned to me;
  15. refrain from behaviours that are illegal and are forbidden by policy. I WILL NOT:

    (1) intentionally violate orders, policies and directives,

    (2) be offensive or make derogatory remarks towards any person’s race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, or physical characteristics (through comments made verbally or in writing, as well as by electronic communications and on social media),

    (3) behave in a way that is of a sexual nature or has sexual undertones (through verbal or written comments, electronic communications, gestures, displays or physical contact),

    (4) have pornographic materials in my possession,

    (5) access pornographic materials including through the use of computers or other electronic devices,

    (6) touch other cadets/JCRs and/or their belongings without their permission except when absolutely necessary in an emergency situation,

    (7) take pictures of other cadets/JCRs without their consent,

    (8) distribute or share pictures of others on social media without their consent (via email, text or other means),

    (9) use or possess tobacco, while participating in cadet/JCR activities, except for approved ceremonial purposes,

    (10) purchase or sell tobacco, e-cigarettes, or cannabis products while participating in cadet/JCR activities,

    (11) consume, purchase, possess or sell alcohol while participating in cadet/JCR activities,

    (12) use, purchase, possess or sell illegal or non-prescription drugs that would alter behaviour while participating in cadet/JCR activities,

    (13) share medication that is for my treatment with any other person, and

    (14) have knives, guns, weapons or ammunition in my possession other than those provided for participation in approved activities.

5. I understand that my actions and behaviours have impacts. Any that negatively affect others or takes us away from our mission of creating an environment free from all forms of discrimination, abuse, inappropriate conduct and damaging behaviour, will not be tolerated.

6. By signing this Code of Conduct, I acknowledge that I have read, discussed and understand the Code of Conduct. I understand that through my positive behaviour I will help make CJCR a safe place where all members feel welcomed, valued and included. I understand that failure to comply may result in corrective and/or disciplinary action as necessary and outlined in policy and law. This may include administrative action, or legal action, termination of membership and may include involvement of the military or civilian police.



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I have reviewed the Code of Conduct with the above cadet/JCR and clarified their understanding of the content within.



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