13-28 Annex A - CSTC Straff Cadet Advanced Training Agreement

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the Minister of National Defence (Hereinafter referred to as DND)

- and -

Name of staff cadet

(Hereinafter referred to as staff cadet)

WHEREAS the staff cadet is hereby offered the opportunity to participate in the advanced training program at __________commencing on __________ and ending on __________.

WHEREAS this proposal is subject to the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) Commanding Officer’s right to amend or cancel this opportunity due to changes in operational requirements, training tasking, budget adjustments or other good and substantial reason;

AND WHEREAS the staff cadet agrees to return this agreement to DND by no later than_________________, affixed with his signature and that of his parent or guardian, and understands that failure to do so by the designated date will result in the opportunity being offered to another cadet;


1. This opportunity for advanced training is conditional upon successful completion of CSTC initial training (where conducted) and may be amended following the initial training dependant on the staff cadet’s performance and the operational requirements as determined by the CSTC Commanding Officer.

2. DND agrees to provide to the Staff Cadet compensation at a rate prescribed by the Queen’s Regulations and Orders of the Canadian Cadet Organization (QR (Cadets)) that is applicable to summer appointed cadet ranks.

3.  The staff cadet agrees to instruct cadets and execute the assignments given by or under the authority of the CSTC Commanding Officer diligently and faithfully during the period of advanced training.

4.  The staff cadet agrees to perform such duties and instruct in such subjects as may be assigned in accordance with the QR (Cadets), with due diligence and proper care.

5. The staff cadet agrees to abide by the provisions of the QR (Cadets) and such other instructions as may be given by the CSTC Commanding Officer during the period of the advanced training.

6. The staff cadet agrees to keep and maintain, subject to reasonable wear and tear, all material issued to the staff cadet in a good state of repair and condition.

7. The staff cadet agrees to return all such material by the end of the advanced training or earlier if so directed by the CSTC Commanding Officer.

8. Either DND (as represented by the RCSU Commanding Officer) or the staff cadet may terminate this agreement by giving written notice to the other.  The termination will take effect on the date of the written notice.

9. DND agrees to indemnify the staff cadet against third party claims arising from the performance of the staff cadet’s duties or assignments, provided the cadet acted honestly and without malice within their scope of duties or assignments and met reasonable departmental expectations.

10. The staff cadet acknowledges and agrees that he is not, never has been or never shall be, for the purposes of this advanced training agreement an employee of the Crown or a member of the Public Service.

11. This Agreement shall terminate on the date you become a member of the Canadian Forces, cease to be a member of the Cadet Organization, or the Cadet Organization is disbanded or reduced to nil strength.

Dated at ______________, in the province of ________________, on _____________


Regional Cadet Support Unit Commanding Officer

I accept/I decline


Staff cadet


Parent or Guardian of staff cadet​

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