24-10 Annex B – ORCA Class Officer-in-Charge Training

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

1. This annex prescribes the policies and procedures governing ORCA Class Officer-in-Charge training in the CIC.

Course Details

2. The aim of ORCA Class OIC training is to provide a select few individuals with the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of an OIC of an ORCA class vessel.

3. Attainment of the ORCA Class OIC qualification is achieved through a phased approach. IAW Ref C, an officer wishing to obtain the qualification of ORCA OIC must:

  1. successfully complete a two week ORCA Class OIC package / course at VENTURE NOTC, to include:
    (1) Part I – Academic,
    (2) Part II - On-the-Job Practical Requirements (OJPR); and
  2. be accredited by a Tender OIC Board, IAW Ref B


4. Candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. TOIC qualified;
  2. belong to CIC Sea (MOSID 00232-01);
  3. hold the minimum rank of Lieutenant (Navy);
  4. have excellent mathematical skills and be able to do mental calculations;
  5. be able to work under highly stressful  situations and in close quarters;
  6. meet the MARS officer medical requirements (V3, CV2, H3, G2, O2, A5). Regions are required to confirm that candidates meet this medical requirement;
  7. candidates must be recommended by the CO of their RCSU;
  8. be available to participate in on-the-job training at sea on board ORCA for short periods (approx 1 week each), at various times during the year;
  9. be available to undergo training; and
  10. still be able to fulfill their initial three-year service commitment and be available for NDAs.


  1. DRAFT Tender Officer-in-Charge Qualification Standard and Plan (OPI VENTURE NOTC);
  2. Maritime Command Order (MARCORD) 9-50; and
  3. DRAFT ORCA Officer-in-Charge Qualification Standard and Plan (OPI VENTURE NOTC).

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