Acceptable Use of Virtual Platforms

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Acceptable use of virtual platforms

The use of virtual platforms is growing within the CCO. If you are a cadet or adult staff, participant or facilitator, below is the standard that you will maintain for all online and virtual engagement.

Be aware of the information you share.

  • Do not project or display any sensitive or personal information that would be harmful to your reputation.
  • If it is in writing or you are speaking, you can only communicate and discuss unclassified information that cannot cause a prejudice to people or the organization.
  • In order to protect the information of you and others, when working with protected A information use only CCO Net, which is the approved platform cleared for this level of information.

Be vigilant

  • Be careful of potential threats such as unsolicited emails, file attachments and external links.

Be a leader

  • Ensure that your peers and subordinates understand how to behave online, and promote acceptable use.
  • Be the example and set the standard you want others to follow.
  • You are responsible for your personal devices.
  • You shall not use virtual platforms provided and paid for by CJCR for personal matters.

Be smart

  • Know your role and responsibilities.
  • Understand the applicable rules and limitations.
  • Remember that nothing is private online.

Be an ambassador

  • Any illegal activity will not be tolerated.
  • Behaviour that could cause reasonable harm to others (i.e. bullying, sending disturbing, racist, or sexist messages, public shaming of others) will not be tolerated.
  • Your personal grievances or dissatisfaction with the organization or individuals shall not be posted online.

For more information on how to remain cybersafe, consult #CYBERAWARENESS

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