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The following is a catalogue of Information Technology (IT) services and applications used by the Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO). Click on a service or application to expand the window, view more details and access corresponding documentation and help resources.


This list of services and applications is not exhaustive. Only the most common and requested items are listed here.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Most of the CCO's applications and services are Web-based. As such, access to the Internet is a key requirement for corps and squadrons. There are 4 options available:

  • Leverage a local/free connection from the landlord when feasible
  • Use the Canadian Cadet Organizations Network (CCO Net) if the unit is parading in an armoury
  • Use an Internet connection paid for and reimbursed by the crown, and
  • When no service is available, alternate options can be looked at on a case-by-case basis such as the provision of a mobile router.

Corps and squadrons should contact the Information Technology Service Management Centre (IT SMC) Service Desk at (email) or (toll-free) 1-855-252-8082 if they have questions or issues with their Internet connection.

Note 1: Although there are still cases where corps and squadrons claim their Internet connection, we are transitioning to a centrally-procured approach where all contracts will be handled by IT SMC. Changes will be communicated ahead of time.

Note 2: IT SMC is currently reviewing information on Internet connections for all corps and squadrons and therefore the Service Desk may ask about it when on the phone with corps and squadron staff.

CCO Net, Remote Desktop, Intranet (SharePoint) and Email


The CCO Net is the internal network created to support the various applications and services used by the CCO. Access to CCO Net is restricted to members of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Natl CJCR Sp Gp) and its constituent units. Some cadets may be granted limited access.

For answers to common questions regarding CCO Net, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Accessing CCO Net

Prior to accessing CCO Net, an Access Control Form (user identification and password required) must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) or Headquarters. After the form has been submitted, your user name and password will be communicated to you.

Once you have obtained your login credentials, you can access CCO Net in one of two ways:

  1. Using a CCO Net computer, or
  2. Using a personal computer or other device (such as a tablet or smart phone) in conjunction with CCO Net Remote Desktop.

Click here to go to CCO Net Remote Desktop (user identification and password required).

Click here for full instructions on how to access CCO Net.

Intranet (SharePoint)

The main collaboration platform on CCO Net is SharePoint (link accessible only on CCO Net) which provides a secure Intranet for CCO staff to access and share important information related to their work.

Official SharePoint documentation is provided by Microsoft on the SharePoint Support Site (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website).

A CCO Quick Reference Guide for the Intranet (SharePoint) (link accessible only on CCO Net or Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN) is also available to walk you through some of the main features. If you are new to SharePoint and the CCO Intranet, this should be your starting point.

Email ( (Outlook)

All CCO Net users have access to an email. This mailbox can be accessed in one of four ways:

  1. Using a CCO Net computer via the desktop Microsoft Outlook application
  2. Using a CCO Net computer via the Outlook Web client
  3. Using CCO Net Remote Desktop and the Email function from the main menu
  4. Using a DWAN computer via the Outlook Web client

For more information on CCO Net email, how to access it, features, and common problems, please consult the CCO Net Email (Outlook) User Guide (link accessible only on CCO Net or DWAN).



Fortress is the information system for cadets and the flagship CCO IT application. It contains contact information, training information, qualifications, awards, activities and attendance, and more. Click to Access Fortress (link accessible only on the Canadian Cadet Organizations Network (CCO Net) or the DWAN). Link is strictly protected and requires CCO Net credentials.)

User Guide and Documentation

A complete user guide covering every Fortress functionality is available at the Fortress Help and Resources Centre (link accessible from CCO Net or DWAN only). Release notes, special bulletins and other resources are also available. Accessing the Fortress Help and Resources Centre requires CCO Net access (you must first be connected to CCO Net or DWAN).

Data Modification

If a mistake happens during data entry and you lack the necessary permissions to fix it, a request to fix the problem can be submitted by using the Data Modification application (link accessible from CCO Net or DWAN only). You must be logged on to CCO Net to use the tool. From there, the application can be accessed by clicking on the pencil icon available in the menu bar of a Fortress page containing information that can be modified. For more information, consult the Data Modification documentation (link accessible only on CCO Net).

Analytics - Data Portal, Regional Growth Management Toolkit (RGMT) and Dashboard

Data Portal

The main repository for data products produced by the Natl CJCR Sp Gp is the Data Portal (link accessible only on CCO Net or DWAN). This website is located on the CCO Net Intranet and access requires CCO Net credentials. In addition to data extracts, maps and official reports, the Data Portal contains the Regional Growth Management Toolkit which is designed to assist cadet corps, squadrons and RCSUs with growth management.

Regional Growth Management Toolkit

The Regional Growth Management Toolkit (RGMT) (link accessible only on CCO Net or DWAN) is a collection of fact sheets and maps designed to provide cadet corps, squadrons and RCSUs with the necessary data to make evidence-based decisions regarding the growth and sustainability of the Canadian Cadet Organizations.

A quick reference guide is available (link accessible only on CCO Net or DWAN) to help understand the various indicators and map elements.

For help interpreting the data, contact your Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU).

Corps and Squadron Dashboard

The Corps and Squadron Dashboard (link accessible only on the CCO Net or DWAN) provides live data on various health and performance indicators applicable to cadet corps and squadrons. The Dashboard is a diagnostic tool and an early warning system that can help identify potential problems.

A quick reference guide is available (user identification and password required) to help understand the six main indicators of the Dashboard.

Corps and Squadron Directory

Corps and Squadron Directory

The Corps and Squadron Directory is an interactive map showing the locations of all 1,100+ cadet corps and squadrons. It is possible to navigate the map, zoom, filter and search. The data for each cadet corps and squadron is pulled directly from Fortress. The relationship between the Directory and the data contained within Fortress is explained in greater detail in Getting the Most out of Fortress Data (part of the Digital Skills series).

Online Registration Tool

Online Registration Tool

The online registration tool is available as a part of the “Join-Cadets" page on The tool allows  parents/guardians/prospective cadets to fill in their registration application and have it sent to the corps/squadron of their preference. The tool will then send the form to the corps/squadrons' generic mailbox with the entered information. Corps and squadrons will then be required to contact the prospective member to follow up and arrange for the completion of the required enrolment forms. This Online Registration Tool is meant to support the current registration process; it does not replace the required documentation or Fortress data entry requirements. 

Visit our Online Registration Tool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.


Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) App 


The CJCR mobile app is a free and public app available for download on your smart phone. It is available from the various commercial app stores and features access to resources, policies, news from the Natl CJCR Sp Gp and its Commander, and more.

For more information, consult the official launch announcement.


Corps and Squadron Activity Request (CSAR) 

Corps and Squadron Activty Request (CSAR)

The Corps and Squadron Activity Request (CSAR) (link accessible only on CCO Net or DWAN) application is being used by some regions to manage their activity requests. If you require assistance, contact your RCSU. For technical support or to report a bug, contact the IT SMC Service Desk at (email) or (toll-free) 1-855-252-8082.

Defence Learning Network (DLN) Learning Management System

DLN Learning Management System

The DLN Learning Management System (user identification and password required), is an online learning platform for the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence.

More information on DLN accounts

Video Conferencing - GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website) is a video conferencing tool available to corps and squadrons to enable them to maintain virtual engagement with cadets.

Training material and technical assistance is available directly on the GoToMeeting website (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website).

Licences for GoToMeeting are handled and distributed by the IT SMC. To request a licence for your corps or squadron, contact your RCSU.

External Applications

External Applications

The following tools are not directly managed by the Natl CJCR Sp Gp, although in some instances support may be available.

Logistik Unicorp Clothing System 

Logistik (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website) is the main provider of Canadian Armed Forces clothing and accessories. Members of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service are eligible to use their system. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp does not provide IT support for Logistik.



Cadet365 is Microsoft Office 365 deployed for CJCR. It is a cloud-based suite of business tools such as, Word, Excel, OneNote, MS Teams and many others. This solution is being deployed to facilitate work from personal devices, improve collaboration for CCO members, and provide an alternate training delivery system for staff and cadets..

Benefits to the CJCR

The suite includes familiar products like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as collaborative and remote working tools to support chat and video conferencing, like Teams, Planner, OneNote and OneDrive.

The innovative, cloud based platform will enable the team to work on both personal and work devices . This is a proven solution that balances the need to innovate and continue working with the need to maintain security and accountability.

For more information : CADET365

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