CCO Mandatory Windows 10 Update

Mandatory Update of Operating System to Windows 10 20H2

Windows 10 requires frequent updates of the operating system to remain current and supported. CSC 4.1 (1709) was the first version released and then upgraded to CSC 4.2 (1909). We are now reaching the end of life of this version and an upgrade to 20H2 must be applied to all CCONet computers that are currently using the 1709 and 1909 versions.

As of May 15, 2022 this update will be made mandatory and once ready will automatically request a computer to restart when needed. Please pay attention to the restart message as it will indicate how long it will take to install.

This update is about 32 GB in size and will take several hours to download and install. It is better for users to choose a convenient moment to do it so that it does not preclude them from using their CCONet computer in the middle of their work day (for full time staff) or at the beginning of a training night (for Class "A" staff).

The update can be done both while connected to CCONet directly (From RCSU headquarters or deployed offices (area offices) or via VPN. In both cases, the update will take several hours to complete and we recommend starting it at night or as you leave the office and to let it run overnight. 

The update may not appear right away in the Software Center, leave the computer connected to the VPN overnight and try again after a reboot.

Does every computer need to do this update?

No, computers that are already running a CSC 4.3 version of the image already have 20H2 included and will not be affected by this update.

How do I know what image my CCO computer is running?
Update Windows 10

1. Look at the top right corner of your desktop. The 4th line of the BGInfo will tell you what your image version is.

Update Windows 10

2. If you are still unsure of the version of Windows you are running you can open the search option and type "winver".

Update Windows 10

3. Click the "Run" command option.

Update Windows 10

4. A pop-up will appear displaying the Windows version that you are at.

5. CSC 4.3.0: You are good to go, there is no update required.

CSC 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 : You are running (1709) or (1909) and need to do the update.

Any other image version (CSC404BETA / CSC405BETA / CSC4.1.0 / CSC 4.1.1) do not attempt to upgrade your computer and contact the Service Desk as your computer will require reimaging.


Prerequisites to running the update

1. If your computer is listed below, the update will not be available via the Software Center. More information about those models will follow under SEPCOR. You do not have to perform the update yet.

  • Fujitsu Lifebook E744
  • Fujitsu Lifebook S752
  • Toshiba Tecra A40-Z

2. Make sure your computer is plugged in. Do not attempt to run the upgrade on battery power only.

3. Make sure you have at least 32 GB of free space on your C: drive.

How to make sure you have at least 32 GB of free space on your C: drive ? 
Update Windows 10

1. Click the Windows Explorer icon in the Task Bar:

2. On the left side, click "This PC".

Update Windows 10

3. Under "Devices and drives", look at Windows (C:):

If the number of GB free is less than 32, you must clear space before attempting the update.

How to install the update

1. Click the Start menu in the bottom left of the screen and search for "Software Center".

2. Click the corresponding program.

Update Windows 10

3. If the update is available to your computer you will see a 1 next to the Operating Systems menu.

Update Windows 10

4. Click the "Operating Systems" menu.

Update Windows 10

5. Click the "Install" Button.

During the update your computer will restart 6 times. Again we recommend starting the update at the end of the day in order to let it run overnight to ensure the update is fully completed.

How do I know the update has been successful?
Update Windows 10

The BGinfo on your desktop will now display the operating system version after the image version.

If you encounter any issues or require assistance, contact the Service Desk.

IT Support Hours 

  • The Service Desk is open 0800 to 2100 Monday-Friday, for all time zones.
  • E-mail is preferred for requests, and telephone for technical support.
  • Call us toll-free at 1-855-252-8082

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