Paid education in the Canadian Armed Forces 

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has a number of paid education programs for a first-class education that will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in Canada’s esteemed military. Graduates of our programs are leaders in their fields, working with cutting edge technology, developing military strategies and making a difference in their communities.

You know what you want from life. We want to help you achieve it

Whether you’re thinking of going to college, university or getting your post-grad degree, the CAF can help you get there with one of our six paid education programs. If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books and academic equipment! Meanwhile, you’ll earn a competitive annual salary and an excellent benefits package including health, dental, vision care and much more.

After you graduate from one of our paid education programs, you will be guaranteed a job in your field with the CAF. Your salary will continue to increase through professional experience and promotions. Each program requires two months of service for every month of paid education. For more information about the service commitment, or about any of our paid education plans, speak with one of our recruiters.

Find the program that’s right for you

The program you choose will depend on where you want your education to take you.

Under our paid college program, you will complete your studies at an approved Canadian college, where you’ll learn the skills of your trade in a highly-technical, hands-on environment. Our graduates come out of the program as experts, known as Non-Commissioned Members, who work on some of the most advanced equipment in the field of defence.

If you see yourself in more of a management role, leading a team of skilled professionals, consider our paid university program. You’ll learn the skills you need to lead effectively, prioritize important tasks and make decisions which are critical to the success of your team. In most cases, our students complete their studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, where they are offered an unparalleled education that balances academics, leadership, bilingualism and athletics.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, dentist, or pilot have a look at our graduate programs. Each is designed to produce the best and brightest in a variety of highly-skilled roles in the CAF. We have several programs available to members who wish to pursue further education. Eligible members, including reservists, may claim reimbursement of education, training, and professional certification expenses, in whole or in part, under a series of Education Reimbursement (ER) programs.

All programs involve intensive studying during the regular academic year and basic training during the summer months. Whichever program you choose, you’ll leave with professional experience unlike any other and skills that you will carry throughout your career in the Forces and onward. For more information about the programs, the curriculum or the facilities, speak with one of our recruiters.

Paid tuition, a salary, and a guaranteed job are all part of the curriculum

Select a program and see how much you could be saving

  • College
  • University
  • Medical School
  • Dental School
  • Flight School

Want 10 reasons to get a paid education with the Canadian Armed Forces?

  Paid registration and tuition fees

  Sports and athletics

  Salary, benefits and vacation while you study

  Second language training

  Free textbooks and supplies

  Guaranteed and secure employment in your field

  Leadership training

  Travel, meaningful work, and the chance to help others

  Personal and professional development

  Well-respected and recognized work experience

How do I get started?

To qualify for paid education, you must first join the CAF. You can get started in three simple steps.

Recent grads share their experiences with paid education

 The worries of paying for a first-class education were replaced with opportunities for travel, leadership, athletics and best of all, friendships that will last a lifetime…I always look back on my experiences at the RMCC with fondness and am grateful for the skills they engrained in me that help me function in diverse situations, not only in my job but in my life.

Major Diane B. CC – 130 Hercules Pilot

 Paid Education



NARRATOR: A quality education and a dream career. The Forces have it.

NARRATOR: Debt-free education.
Paid university and college tuition.
Full salary and benefits while you study.
Language training.
A meaningful career.
Skills that last a lifetime.
And a chance to change lives.
The Forces: it’s not just an education. It’s an adventure.
Ask our graduates…


I studied engineering and working to make money to pay for school or getting a loan or getting anything like that, that puts you in a greater financial debt. The Army option was they'll pay for my school, they'll pay for all my expenses on top of giving me a salary and all I have to do is go to school and be successful.


I thought dental school was going to cost about 10,000 dollars a year, unfortunately it cost significantly more. I did the first year working part-time and then I decided I don't think I can carry on with this debt load and looked to the military and realized they can help me out and relieve al to of stress financially but also open my eyes to a lot of opportunities.


I would say that number one, it was financial just because it was a great opportunity, I had tuition paid for, books paid for, I mean a lot of people these days have to do a part-time job plus they have to still worry about paying student loans so it's a really good opportunity. People worry what am I going to do in the summer and at the end when I finish and in the military it was really nice I didn't' have to worry about that.


It gave me the opportunity to come out and do training during the summer session when university was off and then come back to school for the following two semesters and then again go back to training and graduate and continue on with my career.


I chose to go through civilian university so I could continue to study at the college I started at. While I was on course in the summer, I was on with RMC students and other civilian university students and we were treated as one and we do our training together and come out of our training together and get posted to regiments together so really it doesn't matter where you go to university as long as you're ready to serve afterwards.

NARRATOR: Paid education in the Forces is available. Your future is waiting.




KAREN STREEK: When I joined the Forces, I went to the Royal Military College of Canada, where I took a degree in mechanical engineering.

EMELY ALCINA: I actually did my undergraduate in psychology, and then I went back for a master's degree in counselling.

ROSEANNA MANDY: I studied journalism at Carleton. The military provided me with the opportunity to attend many different types of courses and really develop skills.

CHERYL BUSH: So, since I've been in the Forces, I have actually pursued secondary education. I'm actually working towards a Bachelor of Arts, and I'm getting that through the Royal Military College. So, the military's actually been paying so far for all my tuition and books, which has been great.

KAREN STREEK: The Forces pay for the full tuition while you're at the Military College, and as well they give you a small salary.

LYNNE PATTERSON: When I went to university, I went as a civilian, so I paid for my own university, but since I've been in, there's lots of paid-education opportunities. The military offered the course, also paid for my lodging and my quarters.

ROSEANNA MANDY: As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, we are always undergoing training. I endeavour with the support of the Canadian Forces to undergo at least six different courses and qualifications a year. That's my personal goal, and the Canadian Armed Forces has been really supportive in helping me to reach that.

LYNNE PATTERSON: You get a lot of professional development when you're in the military

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