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As a division of the Canadian Armed Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) since 1969, SISIP FS provides tailored and unbiased financial solutions, suited to meet the needs of serving and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community. Conveniently located at major bases/wings/units across Canada, the highly qualified professionals of the SISIP FS team are committed to enhancing the financial well-being of CF personnel.


  • Life Insurance  Whether or not a CAF member has a SISIP FS term life insurance plan, offered exclusively to CAF serving and former members and their spouses, SISIP FS recommends contacting the local SISIP FS insurance representative who can explain the very unique features of these plans, which include:
    • Guaranteeing the payment of claims on approved insurance applications, even if someone dies while serving in a theatre of operations.
    • Accidental dismemberment coverage (for injury non attributable to military service);
    • Free life coverage for dependent children, for an amount of $10,000 and,
    • A living benefit that, under specific circumstances, may provide access to an amount not to exceed 50% of the face value of the life insurance in force, to a maximum of $50,000.

      The SISIP FS insurance representative can further:
      • Establish/review a CAF member's specific insurance needs.
      • Assign/review beneficiaries.
      • Provide/update personal information.
      • Explain SISIP FS Long Term Disability (LTD) including Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP) benefits. (see full SISIP LTD/VRP section below)
  • Financial Planning Services  This comprehensive service offers financial plans specific to each person's situation. For a small fee, the CAF member will have unlimited access to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) (F. Pl. in Quebec) who will provide unbiased, tailored advice to help with:
    • Personal money management and financial advice.
    • Establishing Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs).
    • Investment products: no-load (no sales fees) mutual funds*, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).
    • Tax planning, including one free income tax preparation.
    • Release projection, retirement planning. And
    • Investment products: Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), no-load (no sales fees) mutual funds.
      * Mutual funds provided through FundEX Investments Inc.
  • Financial Counselling Services – The confidential and timely (preventive) assistance provided by a SISIP FS financial counsellor, can be instrumental in alleviating financial difficulties, such as:
    • Adjusting a CAF member's finances to changes in living conditions.
    • Regaining financial control by providing ongoing financial counselling through follow-up sessions.
    • Getting support from local community services or other military sources.
    • Assisting spouse in the implementation and ongoing courses of action.
    • Developing a budget.
    • Debt management / personal loans.
    • Submitting requests for financial assistance through the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund (CFPAF).
  • Financial Management Education  With the Financial Management Education courses from SISIP FS, participants (recruits and officer cadets) acquire the tools to incorporate sound financial health principles in their daily decisions. This will enable them to become financially independent and allow them to enjoy a higher quality of life throughout their career within the CAF and beyond.
  • SISIP Long Term Disability (LTD) – The SISIP LTD plan is a group insurance plan for CAF personnel, administered by SISIP FS. The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) is the policy owner and Manulife Financial is the insurer. The LTD is replacement income protection for CAF personnel, whether they are released for medical reasons or depart voluntarily. This plan is also designed to prepare releasing CAF personnel to obtain gainful civilian employment through participation in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP), if required.
  • Who is eligible for SISIP LTD? – Members in the Regular Force, Reserve Force on Class C service and Primary Reserve Force on Class A and B service are eligible for SISIP LTD.
    • Regular Force members are covered:
      • If they joined the CAF prior to April 1, 1982, and applied for LTD coverage. Coverage is indicated on the pay statement, or
      • If they joined the CAF on or after April 1, 1982, coverage is automatic.
    • Reserve Force members are covered:
      • If they are members of the Primary Reserve on Class A or B service of 180 days or less. Coverage is automatic for each on duty period. On duty means that the member is authorized and entitled to pay during the performance of Primary Reserve service.
      • If they are members of the Primary Reserve on Class B service of more than 180 days or on Class C service, coverage is automatic for each period of service and is deemed to be 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
      • Annuitants serving in the Primary Reserve on Class B service of more than 180 days are not covered during their mandatory 35 day break in service.
  • Benefits (For the purpose of benefit calculation, the minimum salary shall be equal to that of Corporal Basic)
    • Regular Force and Class C Reserve Force:
      • The LTD benefits for the Regular Force equal 75% of salary at time of release, less other specified sources of income*, or
      • For Class C Reserve Force the LTD benefits equal 75% of monthly salary, applicable at the time the illness or injury occurred, less specified sources of income**.
        For the purpose of benefit calculation, the minimum salary shall be equal to that of Corporal Basic
    • Primary Reserve Force on Class A and B service:
      • For members of the Primary Reserve on Class A or B service of 180 days or less, the LTD benefits equal 75% of a deemed monthly basic salary of $2,700 or 75% of the additional optional coverage if purchased, less the specified sources of income**, or
      • For members of the Primary Reserve on Class B service of more than 180 days, the LTD benefits equal 75% of the monthly salary applicable at the time the injury or illness occurred, less the specified sources of income***.
      • For the purpose of benefit calculation, the minimum salary shall be equal to that of Corporal Basic.
        • ** The specified sources of income include:
          • The Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA) benefits
          • The primary benefits under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
          • Any employment income
        • *** For the Primary Reserve Force on Class A or B service, the specified sources of income include all of the above and, in addition, benefits payable under:
          • A LTD coverage provided through another employer
          • Other disability employment plans, such as workers compensation
          • Automobile insurance
          • An employee pension plan, and
          • The Government Employee Compensation Act (GECA)
  • Filing a Claim  If a member is released from the CAF for any reasons other than medical and believes he/she may qualify as totally disabled, the member can file a claim within 120 days of the effective date of release for adjudication. Total disability/totally disabled means that a member has been released from the CAF and that there is clear and objective medical evidence, which confirms that the member is incapacitated by an active, medically determinable physical or mental impairment, which is preventing him/her from performing any and every duty of any substantially gainful occupation or employment for which he/she are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP)  A component of the LTD, the VRP prepares a member to obtain gainful civilian employment by enhancing existing education, skills, training and experience, if required. Once approved for LTD benefits, the claimant will be sent an introduction package containing the objectives and procedures with respect to the VRP. A VRP counsellor will assist the member in determining the best training plan and program. These plans are approved on an individual basis.
  • Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan (ADIP) – The ADIP provides a lump-sum benefit to CAF personnel for an accidental dismemberment which is attributable to military service and occurred by way of accidental, external and violent means. Eligible members include Regular Force, Reserve Force Class C, Primary Reserve Force Class A and B members and, as of December 6, 2012, COATS, RETP and Canadian Rangers are also covered by the ADIP. The benefit will be paid upon receipt of due proof which satisfies the Insurer, Manulife Financial, that:
    • The injury occurred while the member was insured under this coverage
    • The loss occurred within 365 days of the injury, and
    • The loss resulted directly and solely from the injury and independently of all other causes. 
      Note that in the case of conflict between this document and the insurance policies, the terms of the policies will prevail.
  • Other SISIP FS Insurance Plans:
    • SISIP FS offers optional term insurance plans for serving and former CAF members, and their spouses as follows:
      • Optional Group Term Insurance (OGTI)
      • Reserve Term Insurance Plan (RTIP)
      • Insurance for Released Members (IRM)
      • Spousal Disability Plan (SDP)
    • Non Service-attributable:
      • Dependant Life Insurance (DL)
      • Accidental Dismemberment (AD)
      • Survivor Income Benefit (SIB)
    • Other Treasury Board supported plans administered by SISIP FS include:
      • General Officers' Insurance Plan (GOIP)
      • Reserve General Officers' Insurance Plan (Res GOIP)
      • Military Post Retirement Life Insurance Plan (MPRLIP)


  • For locations, contact numbers and to verify eligibility to these and other SISIP FS programs, products and services, visit SISIP FS on-line or phone 1-800-267-6681 or (613) 233-2177 (Ottawa).
  • For further information call Manulife Financial at 1-800-565-0701 or visit SISIP FS on-linefor more information or to download the claim package. The member is responsible for filing his/her own claim with SISIP FS or Manulife Financial.


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