Annex B: Technical Airworthiness Authority Advisory 2011-02

Template SPFP Substantiation Report

Controlled Goods < as required > 

Insert DGAEPM emblem, Director General Aerospace Equipment Program Management


Insert the following Controlled Goods Warning, as required:

This documentation has been reviewed by the technical authority and contains controlled goods. In accordance with DAOD 3003 it must be locked up when unsupervised. Inside of DND the right to access this document is restricted to individuals authorized under DAOD 3003. Refer to CTAT before transferring outside DND. Total destruction is required on disposal.

< Aircraft >

SPFP Technical Substantiation Report

Initial issue, < date >

< Text between < > is for guidance and should be deleted as the report is written >

Ordered by: DND Technical Airworthiness Authority

Author: < name >
E-mail: < email > 
Reference: < file number > 
Status: initial issue
Date: < date >

Department of National Defence
Director General Aerospace Equipment Program Management

National Defence Headquarters
MGen George R. Pearkes Bldg
101 Col By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0K2

Table of contents

Review and endorsement, page 3

Section 1.0, Executive summary, page 4

Section 2.0, Aim, page 4

Section 3.0, Introduction, page 4

Section 4.0, TAC requirements and strategy, page 4

Section 5.0, Type design, page 4

Section 6.0, Aeronautical product, page 4

Section 7.0, In-service support, page 4 

Section 8.0, Restrictions and limitations, page 4 

Section 9.0, Conclusions, page 5

Section 10.0, References, page 5


Review and endorsement

Prepared by


Reviewed by


Reviewed by


Approved by:

DTAES 3, Manager Certification Projects

< Ensure key stakeholders have reviewed the report. Key stakeholders include DTAES 4, and DTAES 6, 7 and 8, as appropriate. If the report is approved by the TAA instead of DTAES 3, DTAES 3 must also sign as a reviewer. Although the Applicant is not required to sign as a reviewer of the report, it is recommended that the Applicant be given an opportunity to check the accuracy of the contents before it is signed. >


1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 This report summarizes the work carried out by the Department of National Defence (DND) Technical Airworthiness Authority (TAA) staff to support the issuance of a Specific Purpose Flight Permit (SPFP). < Add text as required to summarize the key points of the report. State that the aircraft does not yet have a Technical Airworthiness Clearance (TAC) and that the SPFP will be used to grant flight authority. >

2.0 Aim

2.1 The aim of this report is to support the SPFP for < aircraft > < purpose >.

3.0 Introduction

3.1 < Explain the purpose of this report, the purpose of the SPFP, other text as required.  Include background information if/when applicable (background could be included as a separate section if required. >

4.0 TAC Requirements and Strategy

4.1 < SPFPs that are issued before an aircraft has received an Airworthiness Clearance must address the TAC requirements for Type Design, Aeronautical Product and In-Service Support as far as is necessary to support whatever activities are to be conducted under the authority of the SPFP.  This section should identify the TAC requirements to be met and the strategy to meet them. >

5.0 Type Design

5.1 < Explain the status of the certification of the type design and focus on the areas where certification has not yet been completed, clearly identifying the ‘so what’ of any gaps.  Address all the elements of the Type Design part of the TAC (as identified in the TAM) to the extent necessary for the purposes of the SPFP. >

6.0 Aeronautical Product

6.1 < Address the Aeronautical Product requirements of the TAC, including aircraft registration and marking. >

7.0 In-service Support

7.1 < Address the In-Service Support requirements of the TAC to the extent necessary to support the activities undertaken under the authority of the SPFP, including the accreditation and/or recognition status of the support organisations. >

8.0 Restrictions and Limitation

8.1 < Identify any restrictions or limitations that are recommended by the TAA to be in the SPFP due to the certification status (or otherwise) of the aircraft and its support networks. >

9.0 Conclusions

9.1 < Conclude the key points of the SPFP Technical Substantiation Report. >

10.0 References

A.  < Add references as applicable. >


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