General history

Military history books written or commissioned by the Department of National Defence.

Title Date Author
With The Royal Canadians 1900 Brown, Stanley McKeown
Canada's Army in Korea: the United Nations operations, 1950-53, and their aftermath 1956 Historical Section General Staff, Army Headquarters
Introduction to the Study of Military History for Canadian Students 1964 Stacey, C.P.
Records of the 4th International Colloquy on Military History (Ottawa 23.25 VIII 1978) 1979 Douglas, W.A.B., Director Directorate of History, Program Chairman
Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces 1980 Russell, E.C.
Second World War as a national experience 1981 Aster, Sidney
Aerodrome of Democracy: Canada and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan 1939-1945 1983 Hatch, F. J.
DND dependants' schools, 1921-1983 1986 Morin, René
French Canadians and Bilingualism in the Canadian Forces, Volume I, 1763-1969: the Fear of a Parallel Army 1986 Pariseau, Jean; Serge Bernier
DND Language Reform: Staffing the Bilingualism Programs, 1967-1977 1987 Letellier, Armand
A Rattle of Pebbles: The First World War Diaries of Two Canadian Airmen 1987 Greenhous, Brereton
Canadian Military Heritage, Volume I, 1000-1754 1993 Chartrand, René
French Canadians and Bilingualism in the Canadian Forces, Volume II, 1969-1987: Official Languages: National Defence’s Response to the Federal Policy 1994 Pariseau, Jean; Serge Bernier
Canadian Military Heritage, Volume II, 1755-1871 1995 Chartrand, René
Peacekeeping 1815 to Today 1995 National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa
Canadian Committee for the History of the Second World War: first conference proceedings, 1977 1995 n/a
Canadian Military Heritage, Volume III 1872-2000 2000 Bernier, Serge
Canadian Military History Since the 17th Century 2001 Tremblay, Yves

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