1st Artillery Locating Regiment, RCA

The official lineage of the 1st Artillery Locating Regiment, RCA.



This Reserve Force regiment originated in Toronto, Ontario on 1 April 1946, when the '69th Survey Regiment, RCA' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: '69th Observation Regiment, RCA' on 19 June 1947;Footnote 2 '1st Locating Regiment, RCA' on 1 October 1954;Footnote 3 and '1st Artillery Locating Regiment, RCA' on 12 April 1960.Footnote 4 It was reduced to nil strength and transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle on 15 March 1965.Footnote 5


'2nd Survey Regiment, RCA, CASF'

Headquarters Location

Toronto, Ontario

Operational history

The Second World War

The 2nd Survey Regiment was authorized on 18 October 1943 as the '2nd Survey Regiment, RCA, CASF'.Footnote 6 It performed surveying and calibration duties as part of the 2nd Canadian Corps in North-West Europe from June 1944 until the end of the war.Footnote 7 The regiment was disbanded on 22 June 1945.Footnote 8

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