20th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA

The official lineage of the 20th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA.



This Reserve Force regiment originated in Edmonton, Alberta on 2 February 1920, when the '20th Brigade, CFA' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: '20th Field Brigade, CA' on 1 July 1925;Footnote 2 '20th Field Brigade, RCA' on 3 June 1935;Footnote 3 '20th (Reserve) Field Brigade, RCA' on 7 November 1940;Footnote 4 '20th (Reserve) Field Regiment, RCA' on 1 March 1943;Footnote 5 '20th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA' on 1 April 1946;Footnote 6 '96th Independent Medium Battery, RCA' on 21 September 1954;Footnote 7 '96th Independent Medium Artillery Battery, RCA' on 12 April 1960;Footnote 8 '20th Medium Artillery Regiment, RCA' on 17 October 1961;Footnote 9 and '20th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA' on 4 December 1964.Footnote 10


The 20th Brigade, CFA was authorized a Reserve order of battle counterpart on 1 March 1923 (GO 186/20 and GO 23/23). The reserve unit was disbanded on 14 December 1936 (GO 3/37).

Headquarters Location

Edmonton, Alberta

Allocated Batteries

  • 61st Field Battery, RCA
  • 78th Field Battery, RCA

Operational History


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