37th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA

The official lineage of the 37th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA.



This Reserve Force regiment originated in Montréal, Quebec on 9 May 1905 when the '6th Brigade of Field Artillery, CA' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: '2nd Brigade, CFA' on 2 February 1920;Footnote 2 '2nd Field Brigade, CA' on 1 July 1925;Footnote 3 '2nd Field Brigade, RCA' on 3 June 1935;Footnote 4 '2nd (Reserve) Field Brigade, RCA' on 7 November 1940;Footnote 5 '2nd (Reserve) Field Regiment, RCA' on 15 December 1943;Footnote 6 '37th Field Regiment, RCA' on 1 April 1946;Footnote 7 and '37th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA' on 12 April 1960.Footnote 8 It was reduced to nil strength and transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle on 26 February 1965.Footnote 9


'2nd Brigade, CFA, CEF'


The 2nd Brigade, CFA was disbanded for the purpose of reorganization on 1 April 1920 and reorganized the same day (GO 9/22). This change was administrative and does not affect the lineage of the brigade.

The 2nd Brigade, CFA was authorized a Reserve order of battle counterpart on 1 November 1920 (GO 186/20). The reserve unit was disbanded on 14 December 1936 (GO 3/37).

Headquarters location

Montréal, Quebec

Operational history

The First World War

The 2nd Brigade, which was authorized on 6 August 1914 as the '2nd Field Artillery Brigade, CFA, CEF',Footnote 10 embarked for Britain on 26 September 1914.Footnote 11 It disembarked in France on 12 and 13 February 1915,Footnote 12 where it provided field artillery support as part of the 1st Canadian Divisional Artillery in France and Flanders until the end of the war.Footnote 13 The brigade was disbanded on 23 October 1920.Footnote 14

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