1 Combat Engineer Regiment

The official lineage of the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment.


Branch camp flag

Branch camp flag


This Regular Force regiment originated in Chilliwack, British Columbia on 17 June 1977, when '1st Combat Engineer Regiment' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1


1st Combat Engineer Regiment's date of origin is not traced to the formation date of the '58th Independent Field Squadron, RCE' (see below) as lineage is traced from the formation of unit, not sub-unit, sized organizations, ie. regiments and battalions.

3rd Field Engineer Squadron originated in Petawawa, Ontario on 4 May 1951, when the '58th Independent Field Squadron, RCE' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 3 It was redesignated: '3rd Field Squadron, RCE' on 16 October 1953;Footnote 4 '3rd Field Squadron' on 30 April 1958;Footnote 5 and '3rd Field Engineer Squadron' on 21 May 1975.Footnote 6 The squadron was reorganized as a regiment and designated '1st Combat Engineer Regiment' on 17 June 1977, as above.


The 58th Independent Field Squadron was raised as an Active Force unit on the framework of Reserve Force units (58th Independent Field Squadron, 6th Field Engineer Regiment, and 33rd Field Park Squadron) for service in Germany with 27th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group. Upon return to Canada the field troops were disbanded on 29 July 1953Footnote 7 and then reformed from available resources for post Armistice service in Korea from March to November 1954 under the designation of '3rd Field Squadron, RCE'.Footnote 8

Headquarters Location

Edmonton, Alberta

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