7th Field Engineer Regiment, RCE

The official lineage of the 7th Field Engineer Regiment, RCE


Branch camp flag

Branch camp flag


This Reserve Force regiment originated in Vancouver, British Columbia on 15 June 1920, when 'Headquarters, CE' for 'Military District No. 11' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: 'Headquarters, RCE' for 'Military District No. 11' on 29 April 1936;Footnote 2 'Headquarters, 11th District Engineers, RCE' on 15 December 1937;Footnote 3 'Headquarters, 11th (Reserve) District Engineers, RCE' on 7 November 1940;Footnote 4 'Headquarters, RCE, 1st Corps Troops' on 1 April 1946;Footnote 5 and 'Headquarters, 7th Field Engineer Regiment, RCE' on 19 June 1947.Footnote 6 It was reduced to nil strength and transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle on 26 January 1965.Footnote 7


Headquarters, CE for Military District No. 11 was authorized a Reserve order of battle counterpart on 1 November 1930 (GO 128/30). The reserve unit was disbanded on 14 December 1936 (GO 3/37).

Headquarters Location

Vancouver, British Columbia

Operational history

The Second World War

Details of the 11th District Engineers were mobilized for active service in Canada from 1 September 1939 to 31 December 1940 for local protection duties and engineer services.Footnote 8

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