9th Field Engineer Squadron

The official lineage of the 9th Field Engineer Squadron.


Branch camp flag

Branch camp flag


This Reserve Force squadron originated in Noranda, Quebec on 1 January 1940, when the '3rd Pioneer Battalion, RCE' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: '3rd (Reserve) Pioneer Battalion, RCE' on 7 November 1940;Footnote 2 '3rd (Reserve) Battalion, RCE' on 15 May 1941;Footnote 3 '9th Field Company, RCE' on 1 April 1946;Footnote 4 '9th Field Squadron, RCE' on 19 June 1947;Footnote 5 '9th Independent Field Squadron' on 30 June 1949;Footnote 6 '9th Field Squadron, RCE' on 1 September 1954;Footnote 7 '9th Field Engineer Squadron (M)' on 21 May 1975;Footnote 8 and '9th Field Engineer Squadron' on 4 February 1993.Footnote 11


No lineal connection with '3rd Battalion, RCE, CASF' of 1941- 1946; '9th Field Company, RCE, CASF' of 1940-1941 (it was redesignated in 1941 as 'No. 1 Canadian Base Units Construction Company, RCE, CASF' and disbanded in 1945 as 'No. 5 Artizan Works Company, RCE, CASF' ); or '9th Field Squadron, RCE, CASF' of 1941-1946.

Headquarters Location

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Operational history

The Second World War

The 3rd Pioneer Battalion contributed, at least in part, in the mobilization of the '3rd Pioneer Battalion, RCE, CASF' for active service overseas on 24 May 1940.Footnote 14 The unit was redesignated '3rd Battalion, RCE, CASF' on 2 November 1940Footnote 15 and absorbed by the '4th Battalion, RCE, CASF' on 15 May 1941,Footnote 16 prior to its embarkation to Britain in September of 1941.Footnote 17

The 3rd Battalion mobilized the '27th Field Company, RCE, CASF' for active service in Canada on 12 May 1942.Footnote 18 The battalion disbanded on 15 November 1943.Footnote 19

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