HMCS Halifax

The official lineage of HMCS Halifax extant commissioned ship.




Argent a kingfisher proper holding a trident in bend points upward Or.


In honour of the City of Halifax, the ship's badge incorporates the principle feature of the city's flag, a kingfisher. The kingfisher is holding the trident of Neptune, who was considered in Greek mythology to be Lord of all the seas. Indirectly, this conveys the navy's service on the seven seas and willingness to serve beyond the equator.


SIOR GAISGEIL (Ever brave)


White and Blue

Battle Honours

The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1942-45.


First of Name

  • Corvette, Revised Flower Class
  • Commissioned 26 November 1941.Footnote 1
  • Paid off 12 July 1945.Footnote 2

Second of Name

  • Frigate, Halifax Class.
  • Commissioned 29 June 1992.Footnote 3

Operational history

The Second World War

Halifax served on escort duties in the North Atlantic, off the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean with the 'Western Local Escort Force', the 'Halifax Force', the 'Mid-Ocean Escort Force' and the 'Commander Eastern Sea Frontier'.Footnote 4

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