HMCS Moncton

The official lineage of HMCS Moncton extant commissioned ship.




Gules two tridents in saltire Or surmounted by a bee volant proper.


The Tridents represent the defensive role of the ship, while the bee, which is drawn from the symbol of the City of Moncton, represents both industriousness and the offensive capability of the ship.


RESURGAM (I shall rise again)


Gold and Red

Battle Honours

The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1942-43.


First of Name

  • Corvette, Flower Class.
  • Commissioned 24 April 1942.Footnote 1
  • Paid off 12 December 1945.Footnote 2

Second of Name

  • Coastal Defence Vessel, Kingston Class.
  • Commissioned 12 July 1998.Footnote 3

Operational history

The Second World War

Moncton served on escort duties off of Halifax, in the North Atlantic and off the coast of British Columbia with the 'Western Local Escort Force' and the 'Esquimalt Force'.Footnote 4

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