410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron

The official lineage of the 410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron.


Squadron standard

Squadron standard



Argent in front of a decrescent a cougar's head affrontée caboshed proper.


The cougar is a Canadian animal noted for its speed and power in striking down its prey. The waning moon indicates the squadron's original role in night operations.


NOCTIVAGA (Wandering by night)

Battle honours

The Second World War

DEFENCE OF BRITAIN, 1941-1944; FORTRESS EUROPE, 1943; FRANCE AND GERMANY, 1944-1945; Normandy, 1944; Rhine; BISCAY, 1943.


  • Authorized as '410 (Night Fighter) Squadron' 30 June 1941.Footnote 1.
  • Disbanded 9 June 1945Footnote 2.
  • Reformed as '410 (Fighter) Squadron' 1 December 1948.Footnote 3
  • Disbanded 1 October 1956.Footnote 4
  • Reformed as '410 All Weather (Fighter) Squadron' 1 November 1956.Footnote 5
  • Disbanded 31 March 1964.Footnote 6
  • Reformed as ‘410 All Weather Operational Training Squadron’ 11 March 1968,Footnote 7 from '3 All Weather Fighter Operational Training Unit' (authorized 1 October 1951).Footnote 8
  • Disbanded 31 May 1982.Footnote 10
  • Reformed as ‘410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron’ 1 June 1982.Footnote 11

Operational history

The Second World War

The squadron flew in the night air defence of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands under 'Fighter Command' and '2nd Tactical Air Force'.Footnote 12

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