417 Combat Support Squadron

The official lineage of the 417 Combat Support Squadron.


Squadron standard

Squadron standard



Argent in front of a palm tree Or eradicated a sword Argent and fasces Gules in saltire.


The squadron operated with the ‘Eighth Army’ in North Africa, in the Sicilian landings, and in Italy in close support of the army. The palm tree suggests the desert; the sword, air support to the army; and the fasces, the fighting in Italy.



Battle honours

The Second World War

DEFENCE OF BRITAIN, 1942; EGYPT AND LIBYA, 1942-1943; NORTH AFRICA, 1943; SICILY, 1943; ITALY, 1943-1945; Salerno; Anzio and Nettuno; Gustav Line; Gothic Line.


  • Authorized as '417 (Fighter) Squadron' 27 November 1941.Footnote 1
  • Disbanded 30 June 1945.Footnote 2
  • Reformed as '417 (Fighter Reconnaissance) Squadron' 1 June 1947.Footnote 3
  • Disbanded 1 April 1949.Footnote 4
  • Reformed as '417 Strike/Reconnaissance Operational Training
  • Squadron' 23 March 1968,Footnote 5 from '6 Strike/Reconnaissance Operational Training Unit' (authorized 18 June 1961).Footnote 6
  • Redesignated '417 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron' 18 April 1972.Footnote 7
  • Disbanded 15 October 1983.Footnote 9
  • Reformed as '417 Combat Support Squadron' 1 April 1993.Footnote 10

Operational history

The Second World War

The squadron flew on fighter and air defence operations in Britain under 'Fighter Command' and in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Malta and Italy under 'Middle East Command' and the 'Desert Air Force'.Footnote 11

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