HMCS Iroquois

The official lineage of HMCS Iroquois extant commissionned ship.




Or the head of an Iroquois brave couped at the base of the neck properly coloured and wearing two eagle feathers in his hair and a ring or pendant from the ear.


In 1942, the ship adopted an unofficial badge in the shape of a shield which bore the head of an Iroquois brave, with his cox-comb hair-style, ring in ear, and war paint. It was taken from a painting by the late C.W. Jeffries and, contrary to usual heraldic practice, faced the viewer's right. The design was retained in the official badge approved after the war, though with the head facing to dexter, the heraldic norm.




Gold and Black

Battle Honours

The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1943; ARCTIC, 1943-45; BISCAY, 1943-44; NORWAY, 1945.

United Nations Operation-Korea-1950-1953

KOREA, 1952-53.


First of Name

Second of Name

  • Destroyer, Iroquois Class.
  • Commissioned 29 July 1972.Footnote 9

Operational history

The Second World War

Iroquois served on offensive and convoy escort duties in the Bay of Biscay, the English Channel and off the French, Norwegian and North Russian coasts with the '3rd Destroyer Flotilla' and 'Plymouth Command' of the 'British Home Fleet'.Footnote 10

United Nations Operation-Korea-1950-1953

Iroquois served two tours on offensive and escort duties in Korean waters.Footnote 11

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