Mexico 1993

International Information

International Operation Name: Mexico 1993

International Mission Name: Mexico 1993

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: North America

Location: Mexico

Mission Date: 1 April 1993 - 2 April 1993

Canadian Forces (CF) Information (Mexico 1993)

Canadian Task Force Name Mission Statement: To fly supplies donated by Trenton-area organizations to an orphanage in Mexico

CF Mission/Operation Notes: In December 1990, the Director of Render Effective Aid to Children (REACH) contacted Air Transport Group Headquarters (ATGHQ) to determine if ATGHQ could assist in moving badly needed roofing material to an orphanage in Mexico. An Ontario building materiels firm had donated the roof trusses; however, there was no means to move them. ATGHQ had been providing such assistance when a long-range training flight happened to fly to the Caribbean. In this instance, the requirements of the first Gulf War were using all of the aircraft and flying time of all transport squadrons to keep the Canadians in the field supplied.

With the Gulf War ending, a training flight was scheduled. On 2 March 1991, the personnel of 2 Air Movements Unit loaded sixty-four 37 foot long by 6 foot 5 inch high trusses into a Hercules. The flight departed the next day for its six and a half hour trip to Chihuahua, Mexico, where it cleared Customs before flying on to Obregon City (Cuidad Obregon). Here the trusses were unloaded by hand and then delivered to the orphanage, which was located about 40 miles from the airport.

In April 1992, two more long-range training flights brought more material for the orphanage – the first carrying roofing supplies and the second clothing, shoes, toys and playground equipment. After the second flight had been unloaded some of the older children from the orphanage, who had helped unload the aircraft, were given a tour of the flight deck.

In April 1993, a further flight flew supplies donated by Trenton-area Boy Scout and Cub groups to a Mexican orphanage. In January and April 1994, the Cubs and Scouts, plus the local Rotary clubs, combined to provide more donated materials. A final flight occurred in the spring of 1995. Unfortunately the records do not state which orphanage, although a write-up about a collateral airlift in an issue of the Air Force's “Roundel” suggests it was the one at Obregon.

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