Programs and services for seniors

Help ensure your later years are safe and secure by learning about programs, services, and information available for seniors.

On this page

  • Caregiving benefits

    Learn about resources available to those providing care or support for family or friends.

  • Your health

    Information on physical activity, nutrition, wellness and more.

  • Safe at home

    Everything you need to know about living safe. Download our Safe Living Guide.

  • Fraud prevention

    Learn how you can protect yourself from scams.

  • Services for Veterans

    Find financial, education, and mental health support for Veterans and their families.

  • Managing your money

    Learn how to balance your budget, saving for retirement and more.

Contact us

For more information call 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232).


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Seniors know a lot

But there is always more to learn

Ensure your later years are safe and secure,

by learning how the Canada Pension Plan can work better for you,

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the guaranteed income supplement,

(Text on screen : Guaranteed Income Supplement )

fraud prevention information and more

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1 800 O-Canada)

A message from the Government of Canada

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Funding programs

New Horizons for Seniors Program
Provides funding for projects that make a difference in seniors’ lives.
Age Well at Home
Supports projects that enable seniors to age in place
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