The Automated Earnings Reporting System

The Automated Earnings Reporting System (AERS) is a voluntary program that allows employers to submit their payroll information to Service Canada each month using a secure online application.

As a participating employer, this proactive method of submitting information may result in less frequent official Request for Payroll Information forms. Employer participation in the AERS contributes to the protection of the EI program for the benefit of all Canadians.

You can use AERS if you:

  • have a valid Business Number;
  • have a weekly Sunday-to-Saturday pay period, or you can report payroll data in this format; and
  • are willing to submit payroll information using a secure online application at least once a month (or more frequently).

You will benefit from AERS if you:

  • have a high turnover in staff;
  • do a lot of hiring over the course of an average year; and
  • complete several Records of Employment (ROEs) over the course of an average year.


Our client service agents would be pleased to speak with you about the registration process for AERS. Please call 1-800-615-9144 for more information.

Supporting documentation

Some initial IT programming will be necessary on your part for the data transfer to occur via our secure network; however, an easy-to-follow user guide is available to assist you or your programmer in creating your record layout.

Additional information

Payroll information is submitted electronically using a secure online application called Data Gateway. It identifies, authenticates, and ensures the privacy of data as it is transmitted from your site to ours. You can access Data Gateway and report payroll information at any time.

Once you are registered, the Employer Contact Centre is available to provide assistance or technical support.

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