EI Premium reduction guide  Chapter 6: Changes that may affect your premium reduction

What happens if I change my approved short-term disability plan?

If you make changes to your existing approved plan, we will need to determine if you are entitled to continue receiving the EI premium reduction. Therefore, if you modify your existing approved plan, you must:

  • notify us within 30 days of the change;
  • apply for a continuation of the EI premium reduction by sending us a completed form NAS-5022, Application for Employment Insurance Premium Reduction or a letter (on company letterhead), along with all documentation relevant to the changes you have made to your plan; and
  • provide us with evidence that the employees to whom the premium reduction applies will continue to benefit from the premium reduction in an amount equal to at least 5/12 of the savings (by either providing the details on Form NAS-5022 or in a letter on company letterhead).

Send this information by mail to the address indicated in of this guide.

After we receive your application, we will review it and make a decision on whether you can continue receiving an EI premium reduction. We will then inform you in writing of our decision.

What happens if I fail to notify you about changes to my plan?

A change to your approved plan could affect your premium reduction. For this reason, it is important that you notify us within 30 days of your making the change(s) to avoid any retroactive adjustments to your reduced rate.

What should I do if I cancel my short-term disability plan?

If you cancel your approved short-term disability plan, you must notify us within 30 days. Entitlement to your EI premium reduction ends on the date you cancel your plan. We will inform you of any adjustments required.

What if I want to cover a new group of employees under the approved plan?

If you cover a new group of employees under your approved plan, you must provide us with proof of their coverage, along with information on how these employees will receive their portion of the savings if it is different than that offered to employees already covered by the approved plan.

What happens if I make a change to my company structure?

If there is a major reorganization in the company, such as an amalgamation or new ownership, you must contact us immediately.

Note: If you change your payroll account number, address, telephone or fax number, or the name of the contact person(s) with whom we usually communicate, please inform us immediately.

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