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The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) provides funding for projects that make Canadian communities and workplaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. The EAF supports Canada's Disability Inclusion Action Plan, in particular Pillar 3 - Accessible and Inclusive Communities. To learn more, consult the Canada's Disability Inclusion Action Plan, 2022.

The EAF aims to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to:

There are 3 different program components in the EAF. Each component holds separate calls for funding. The eligibility criteria will be further defined during each funding process.

The youth innovation component

The youth innovation component encourages youth to find accessibility barriers in their communities. They work with local organizations to improve accessibility and safety in community spaces and workplaces. Grant funding can be up to $12,000 per project.

Project ideas include:

The small projects component

The small projects component provides grant funding for small-scale construction and communication technology projects that improve accessibility in communities and workplaces. Grants can be up to $200,000 per project.

Project examples may include:

The mid-sized projects component

The mid-sized projects component gives contribution funding for larger construction projects. To be eligible for funding, facilities must offer programs and services to include persons with disabilities in:

Contributions can be up to $3 million per project.

Eligible projects may include constructing, renovating, or expanding centres or hubs that offer programming and services for persons with disabilities in their communities.

Flat rate

The EAF has introduced flat rate costing to the small and mid-sized projects components. The flat rate calculator provides the amount of funding for:

If you are applying for funding for these projects, refer to the flat rate information sheet.

flow chart is available to help you choose the accessibility project that is right for your organization.

Guidance is available on providing safety and security items to make buildings more accessible for persons with disabilities.

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