Fair wage schedule for federal construction contracts: Yukon

Category A class

Effective: May 15, 2013

Construction trades workers on the federal government construction contract containing this appendix must be paid a regular hourly wage rate no less than the rate on this schedule for the type of work they are doing under the contract.

The apprentice wage rates are included into this schedule by reference to the Yukon Apprentice Training Act (PDF, 271 KB) and its Regulation. Thus, where the Regulation refers to a percentage of a corresponding journeyperson's wage for a specific occupation, that percentage shall be applied against the wages listed below.

Wage rates: Yukon - Category A class PDF version (51.7 KB)

Yukon - Category A class: Schedule of wage rates
Occupation Wage rate per hour
Boilermakers (erection and repair) $30.61
Bricklayers and Stone Masons $30.61
Carpenters $30.61
Crane Operators (overhead, climbing, skyway or equivalent) $30.61
Divers $30.61
Electricians $30.61
Elevator Mechanics $30.61
Glass and Metal Installers $30.61
Head Cook, Camp (camp size over 100 persons) $30.61
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics $30.61
Heavy Equipment Operators (dragline, gradall, pile driver, shovel, mobile crane) $30.61
Interior Systems Mechanics (metal framing and walls, drywall application, drywall contact and suspended ceilings, acoustical and metal linear ceiling, demountable partition, shaft wall and access floor systems, plenum barriers, fireproofing and plasters) $30.61
Linespersons (electric) $30.61
Mechanical Systems Insulators $30.61
Millwrights $30.61
Plumbers, Steamfitters and Welders (pipe) $30.61
Refrigeration Mechanics $30.61
Sheet Metal Mechanics $30.61
Sprinkler System Installers $30.61
Structural Steel Erectors (includes reinforcing ironwork) $30.61
Surveyors $30.61
Tilesetters $30.61
Welders - General (acetylene and electric) $30.61

Fair wage schedule for federal construction contracts: Yukon - Category B class

Effective: May 15, 2013

Wage Rates: Yukon - Category B Class PDF version (49.5 KB)

Yukon - Category B class: Schedule of wage rates
Occupation Wage rate per hour
Asphalt or Concrete Spreader Operators $27.44
Batchpersons (operator of asphalt or concrete plant) $27.44
Blasters $27.44
Cement Finishers $27.44
Compressor Operators $27.44
Concrete Mixer Operators $27.44
Drillers $27.44
Float Drivers $27.44
Floor Covering Installers (includes carpet and resilient tile) $27.44
Head Cook, Camp (camp size 1 to 100 persons) $27.44
Heavy Equipment Operators (rubber tire backhoe, tracked backhoe, bulldozer, front end loaders, graders, scrapers or equivalent) $27.44
Heavy Equipment Servicer $27.44
Hoist Operators $27.44
Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metal Erectors $27.44
Painters and Paper Hangers $27.44
Pipelayers $27.44
Roofers $27.44
Truck Drivers (heavy - 10 ton G.V.W. and up) $27.44

Yukon - Category C class: Schedule of wage rates

Wage Rates: Yukon - Category C Class PDF version (38.2 KB)

Yukon - Category C Class: Schedule of Wage Rates
Occupation Wage Rate per Hour
Blaster's Helpers $24.34
Concrete Floatpersons (puddleperson, screedperson) $24.34
Second Cook/Baker, Camp $24.34
Surveyor's Helpers $24.34
Truck Drivers (G.V.W. - 3 to 10 Tons) $24.34

Yukon - Category D class: Schedule of wage rates

Wage rates as of: May 15, 2013

Wage rates: Yukon - Category D class PDF version (39.2 KB)

Yukon - Category D class: Schedule of wage rates
Occupation Wage rate per hour
Asphalt Rakers $22.09
Camp/Kitchen Helpers $22.09
Driller's Helpers $22.09
First Aid Attendants $22.09
Flagpersons $22.09
Jackhammer Operators $22.09
Labourers $22.09
Mortar Persons $22.09
Pump Tenders $22.09
Roller Operators (roller, packer or compactor) $22.09
Roofer's Helpers $22.09
Watchpersons or Security Guards $22.09

Fair Wage Schedule prepared by: Labour Standards, Workplace Directorate, Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada based on wage rates set in the Fair Wage Schedules established under the Yukon Employment Standards Act.

Contractors should note:

  1. that the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act was repealed. Coming into force date is to be determined by order of the Governor in Council. The repeal will not affect any rights or obligations acquired or incurred under a contract or agreement to which the Act applied. All federal construction contracts containing a fair wage clause will continue to be governed by provisions of the Act for the duration of that contract; and
  2. that in carrying out any of the work contemplated by this contract, the contractor is also subject to any applicable provincial or territorial laws and regulations; and
  3. that overtime must be paid according to provincial or territorial legislation concerning hours of work at a rate equal to at least one and one-half times the fair wage rate; and
  4. that schedule rates are "straight" wages and do not include compensation in the form of benefits (for example, medical, dental or pension plans); and
  5. that in the event of a complaint under the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, if the occupation of the complainant is not on the posted schedule, the Labour Program inspector will assign the most similar occupation from the schedule by comparing the national occupational classification (NOC) code and the job description that best defines the work actually done by the complainant.

For information concerning these schedules and The Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act under which they are developed, or to lodge a complaint, contact your nearest Labour Program district office or call 1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232).

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