Creating New Users

Before you create a new user, you should consider a few questions:

  • If you have more than one service provider, which ones do the users need access to?
  • What rights does the user need and does he or she need the same rights in each service provider?
  • What is the user’s contact information?

To create or edit a user profile, enter the User Profiles screen.

User Profiles screen displaying details tab.

Defining Some of the Choices

Change Password button

Allows the administrator to change a user’s password.

If the user already has a password, he or she will need to enter it before changing it. A HIFIS administrator can use this button to change the user’s password if he or she has forgotten it.

If you are creating a new user in HIFIS, their password will be “default”. The first time they log into HIFIS, they will be prompted to change this password.

Change User Rights button

As an administrator, you can change, restrict or allow access to different functions in HIFIS. When you chose the User Type, HIFIS gives the user a default set of rights related to that User Type. You can use the Change User Rights button to modify these rights at any time. When you select this button, a screen opens up that allows you to choose exactly which screens each user may access and whether he or she can add, edit or delete records.

Assign Service Provider button

You can give the user access to all service providers or to specific service providers.

Only service providers assigned to a user will appear in the Service Provider drop-down list in various HIFIS windows.

Caseworker checkbox

Selecting this box will ensure that the user will be included in the Case Worker drop-down lists throughout HIFIS. If this checkbox is not selected, the user’s name will not appear in the Caseworker drop-down list in various HIFIS windows. It does not provide him or her with rights to the case management feature. That must be done through the User Rights button

Switches Tab

This function allows you to customize HIFIS to make it easier to use according to the user’s personal preferences. Users can modify these options by selecting Manage My Profile from the Special Menu. Please refer to the HIFIS 3.8 Reference Manual – Administration for more details on the different settings. You can find this document by selecting Help from the HIFIS Home Screen, then Get HIFIS Documents.

Visibility Tab

This allows you to select the types of client records in HIFIS that the user will be able to view and edit. By default no users are allowed to see hidden clients and confidential documents.


Louise realizes that when she creates user accounts she has to think about how to protect the identity of the clients at Shelley House, a VAW. She realizes that HIFIS has two functions that will protect these clients. The Assign Service Provider button allows her to restrict access to activities happening at Shelley House, but she also needs a way to protect the client information. She instructs all users at Shelley House to go to the Miscellaneous Tab in Client Details each time they create a new client and select Client is Visible button, the button will then change to Client is Hidden. To reinforce this practice, she creates a bulletin for Shelley House HIFIS users to remind them each time they log on to follow this procedure. She then makes it possible for Shelley House HIFIS users to see Hidden Clients by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the Visibility Tab.

Step by Step: Creating a New User

  1. From the Administration menu, select Users.
  2. Select the Add a New Record button.
  3. Enter a unique User ID and select the Blue checkmark button to confirm.

    Note: This User ID will be the individual’s login ID. It must be at least five letters long and cannot contain other characters.

  4. Enter the user’s Last Name and First Name.
  5. In User Type select whether the user is an Administrator, Coordinator, Standard user, or has No Access. By selecting the User Type, the User Rights screen will open. This screen allows you to change the access rights for the user. After selecting the applicable rights, select the Blue checkmark button.

    Note: Assigning user rights is described in more detail on the next page.

  6. Choose the user’s default Language and whether the user is a Case Worker.
  7. Select the Assign User to Service Provider(s) button. The Service Providers window opens. Select the service provider(s) that will be associated with the user’s profile and use the Select button to move the service provider from Available to Selected. If the user has access to all service providers, use the All button. Select the Blue checkmark button.
  8. In the Default Service Provider drop-down list, select the service provider that this user will most often choose when performing tasks in HIFIS.
  9. In the Switches tab, select/deselect any of the applicable options.
  10. In the Visibility tab, select/deselect the types of clients and documents that the user will be able to see.
  11. In the Contact tab, enter the user’s contact information.
  12. To change the user’s password, select the Change Password button. The Password Management screen will open and allow the user’s password to be changed.

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Creating a New User


Change Password button
Change User Rights button
Assign Service Provider button
Add a New Record button
Blue checkmark button
Select button
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