Adding a New Program

As mentioned in the Age Brackets topic, the House of Hope has two different funders that provide funding based on the number of nights eligible clients stay in the shelter. Rather than trying to figure out at the end of each month what to report, Louise decides to add two new programs into HIFIS and asks the HIFIS users to link a client’s stay to the appropriate program (using the Programs button on the Reception screen). She gathers the necessary information before she begins.

When adding a new program, be sure to have the following information ready:

Program Name: What will you call this program? Do you want to classify it by who pays? For example you could call a program where the client co-pays: “Client Co-Pays”.

Program Type: How is the program funded? Your program can be one of three Program Types:

  1. Funded – receives external funds, can incur fixed costs.
  2. Allowance Pay – Does not have fixed costs, is paid per bed for a set period of time – can have a maximum funding and maximum number of beds per program period.
  3. Self-Pay - the client is responsible for paying for their own shelter stay.

Time unit: How frequent is the payment? Options are Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Payable by: Who is responsible for paying for the program? Options include Client, various levels of Government, and Donations.

Time Period: What date does your program start on? What date will it end on? For example, do you have guaranteed funding for one year? Do you get funded per bed? What is the maximum funding you could get per time period? What is the maximum number of beds per time period?

Fixed Costs: What non-variable operation expenditures are covered by the program for the time period specified? For example, do you have a mortgage payment and property taxes which are a fixed cost which must be paid every month?

Step by Step: Adding a Program

  1. From the Administration menu, select the Financials button.
  2. Select Programs from the Financials menu.
  3. Select the Add a New Record button.
  4. Programs - Adding screen
  5. Enter the Program Name and select the Blue Check Mark button to confirm.
  6. Select the Service Providers button. Use the arrows to select a Service Provider, or select All, and then press the Blue Check Mark button.
  7. Select the appropriate response from the Program Type drop-down list. Different fields will appear based on your response in this field.
  8. Select the Time unit and enter the Rate.
  9. If you have selected Funded or Allowance Pay, select whom the program is Payable By.
  10. In the Period tab, select the From and To dates. If applicable, enter the Maximum Funding per Period amount and the Maximum [Number of] Beds per Period.
  11. The Fixed Costs tab can only be completed if you have chosen a Funded Program. To add information to this tab, select Add a New Fixed Cost and enter a Description and Amount. Select whether it should Show on Reports and select the Applicable Period dates.
  12. Select the Save button.

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Adding a New Program


Add a New Record button
Blue Check Mark button
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