Finding Duplicate Records

A common data integrity issue is the creation of duplicate client records in the HIFIS database. This is a problem because it makes the number of clients that you serve look larger than it actually is. A basic duplicate search is done when adding a new client record; however, there are cases that the basic search will miss. By using the Name Duplicates and Merge Clients tools, you can easily search for and merge duplicate client records.


For the last couple of weeks, Louise and Robert have been monitoring HIFIS usage to determine the best time to use the data integrity tools. Louise and Robert notice that there are two periods when there is little HIFIS usage, one during the day and one during the night. They decide that Louise should be responsible for using the data integrity tool because it is easier for the day administrator to verify the correct information. Louise uses the Bulletins function to inform all HIFIS users that they must log out of HIFIS between 10:00 and 10:45 every Tuesday morning so that she can use the data integrity tools to clean the data. She decides to start with the Name Duplicates tool.

Step by Step: Searching for Name Duplicates

  1. From the Administration menu, select Data Integrity.
  2. Select Name Duplicates.
  3. The Search for Duplicate Clients screen opens. On the bottom of the screen are a variety of filter adjustments.
  4. Did you know?
    You can change the alphabetical ranges to break up the search into smaller searches that can be performed faster. This will be particularly helpful if your database is large. If you choose this option, take care to cover all possibilities (for example, if you search the last names AAA-MMM, then NNN-ZZZ, you would not search names beginning with letters between MMN and NNM, like Mohammed and Nehme)

  5. Select the Blue Check Mark button to run the search.
  6. Select the View Log Files button.
  7. A pop-up window opens asking if you want to display the list of potential duplicates that were found as HTML or TXT. Choosing HTML will open an Internet Explorer window and choosing TXT will open a document. Use this list to view the files and to Merge any duplicates that are found using the Merge Clients tool, described on the next page.

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Searching for Name Duplicates


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