Janine has just been working with her new client Lara. Nearing the end of the interview, Lara’s 15 year-old son, Gerard, enters the room. Now Janine has a challenge – how does she turn Lara’s individual client record into a family record?

Janine knows the following:

  1. Lara is a newly created client
  2. She will have to search the system to see if a record for Gerard exists, and create a record for him if there is not one in the system
  3. Gerard’s record, once created, will have to be linked to Lara’s record, as they are a family, and share common information.

In the Clients screen, Janine notices the words “Family Role” in the box which contains Lara’s vital details. She guesses that she has to edit Lara’s vital information to be able to add Lara’s 15 year-old son, Gerard, as a family member.

Screen shot of Lara Simpson’s clients screen with box around Client Vitals section and circle around words Family Role.

Janine selects “Edit” – “Vitals” and then selects “Start a Family”. The Family Management screen appears and Janine notices that Lara has been automatically assigned the role of Family Head. All families in HIFIS must have a Family Head and may have one partner and zero or more dependents. The role of each member of the family can be modified as necessary.

Key Point
You must consider carefully before assigning someone the role of Family Head in HIFIS. The client must be at least 19 years of age (or, the head default age set by your Administrator).

Assigning the client the role of Family Head means that the client will represent the family when reporting client activities.

Janine now has three choices:

  1. Add New Member
  2. Remove Member
  3. Modify Family Role
Screen shot of the Family Management window with circles around the words Family Head and the Add New Member selection box.

Janine selects Add New Member and follows the same process she already learned for adding a new client. She makes sure Gerard does not already exist in the HIFIS database before she adds him as a new client. She then associates him to Lara as a dependent child by selecting him from the list and selecting the blue checkmark button.

Step by Step: Starting a Family

How you start a family depends on whether you have a newly added client or an existing client.

  1. New Client: Select Start a Family
  2. Existing Client: Select the client’s name from the Clients screen and select Edit Vitals, then select Start a Family
  3. Note: The client starting the family will automatically be given the role of family head

  4. To add a client to the family select “Add New Member”
  5. Select an existing client by selecting the client’s name and then selecting the blue checkmark button, or add a new client by selecting the add button
  6. Select the relationship that the client has to the Family Head
  7. Note: The system automatically adds the client as a Dependant. If this is not accurate, select Modify Family Role and choose the correct role.

  8. Once every family member has been associated with the Family Head, select Exit.
  9. Press Exit to leave the Client Vitals screen.

Below you will find a Show me demonstration and a Let me try simulation. You may wish to try to add a new family member in the simulation, or you can watch the demonstration and then try it yourself.

Learn How
Show me a demonstration of how to start a Family.

Starting a Family

Let me try to start a family in HIFIS on my own.

The simulation uses screenshots from the live HIFIS application and creates a realistic environment where you can practice the skills you have learned.

As you move through the simulation, you will be provided with data to enter and feedback on your progress.

If you are unsure how to proceed, the simulation will help you with next steps.

Starting a Family Simulation


Family: Two or more related client records joined together in the database, allowing them to be booked in together.

Family Head: The responsible adult chosen to represent a family in HIFIS, especially in reports.

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